Thursday, July 31, 2008

I salute my one and the only brother.

It's now 0142
and am sitting at my study table
with my lappie on, placing ryte in front of me
which is absolutely not a wise thing to do
when one is studying the most boring subject ever a.k.a. law!

Yea i don't like law, dont like politics,
have no interest on any thing to do with justice
because to me
justice simply doesnt exist.

And i'm going through all the cases in my textbook
which i feel it's so meaningless to memorize them
yes it's true that some of the cases are quite interesting
but if for exam purposes, to swallow them word by word,
they are just way tooooooo dull and boring.

Will be having the first class test of law later
i wish something will come to my mind and i know what to write when i read the qs and not a total blank.

ps. Brother, if u're reading this, do share with me ur secrets to studying law. I seriously need some guidance.. *_*

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I . hate . public . transport!
I mean, i really really dislike it.
Was on my way back to college at 6am+ all the way from Stadium Merdeka after the public duty, me n Wei Leong took monorail to KL Sentral, wooooooo~ den run straight to the rapid kl lrt ticket counter, bought the ticket and ran up the stairs, hoping there will be a train there. But nop~there wasn't any. Fine. all that we could do was just to wait there patiently. Supposingly there will be a train every 3 mins but guess wat, we waited for approximately 5 mins then there was this announcement saying that the train encountered some problems with the track, and might not be operating in an hour time, crap. And my class starts at 8am today! HoW hoW hoW???

Wei leong went down to the ticket counter and asked the ppl in-charge bout the announcement, whether it is for real that we have to wait there for another hour for the next train to arrive. That fella told him that the train will start to operate again in 10 mins time. I was kinda relieved when i heard that though it's late already but 10mins is definitely better than 1 hour ryte? :) while waiting, the announcement made earlier on kept repeating. what the hack. When they know the train will be arriving in bout 10mins time, why do they still make such announcement saying that there will be no train in one hour time?? Mind my word, the announcement kept on repeating~! don't know 4 or 5 times in that few mins ~.~ Sometimes hmmmm....most of the time i really feel that the way they do things is really......funny. Well, this is a very soft word to be used already. *.*

Anyway the train finally arrived after 10mins and this is the very first time i was feeling that relieved to see a train! No one knows how i was feeling at that moment, it's 7! and the train wasn't there yet! and and the worst part is that the lecturer who conducts the class this morning is a strict person, she doesn't tolerate ppl who late for her class! Goshhh. Can't imagine what if i did not make it on time for the class just now. Perhaps i can enter the class during break time, but the class conducted by this lecturer is the class i will never skip and i will not let myself being late for it. Unlike miss.V's ~ =X

Finally reach KJ lrt station after 20/25mins? Niceeeee.....there wasn't any taxi at that time! which i don't understand why. cuz normally there surely will be one whole row of taxi waiting for passengers. Texted chuying as i know that she will passby kj, hoped for a ride from her, but sadly she did not read my msg instantly cuz she was driving~ T.T Luckily all in a sudden there was one taxi appeared in front of me, and luckily i met this kind hearted driver. At first he rejected to fetch me cuz he said normally he just make rounds around Kepong-PJ areas, and he's not familiar with the routes in Sunway. But after i told him that i'll be having class at 8am, he told me that he can fetch me, provided that i show him the way~ not a problem at all~ and so i jumped in to the cab immediately! Thank god the traffic was smooth all the way, no slow-moving or whatsoever. Really really appreciate the taxi driver.....

Weichian~ one day, i already hardly stand the public transport. and u havta take it every single day early in the morning. HmmMmmMmmmm~~ ^^

Thursday, July 17, 2008




她说,要付出,要牺牲,要努力,要坚持.. :)




精英中的精英?我觉得大家并没有分别 @.@

难得的团圆照~ 现在也很难有机会再度团聚了吧..


Saturday, July 12, 2008

08 . 7-11

Venue: In front of ladies' washroom situated at Sunway block ground floor

'Hello, nice to meet you, my name is weichian'

Halo wei chian. Nice meeting u too. i'm evelyn

'Oh hi evelyn. where u come from...?'

Kuantan. *smiles*

'Kuantan? *blank look* oh kuantan.. so u'r staying in hostel? which one? apartment or condo? i thought of moving in to hostel too. '

Hmmm.. yup. That was the very first conversation i had with this friend of mine, ng wei chian. Hey i still rmbr that after 1yr+! not bad ryte? *proud* ;p Knowing that he is leaving us for ICAEW, a part of me feels happy for him cuz he will be doing something not everybody has the opportunity to do, but another part of me actually feeling quite sad due to the fact that he won't be in our class anymore~

No more sitting together for hours listening to the freaking boring lectures, no more chit-chatting non-stop, no more yamcha session particularly on friday nite~
No one to calm me down when i got stressed up right before exams, no one to be there reminding all of us in the gang NOT TO WASTE FOOD anymore~ We'll be separated to a very different path starting from next week.

Today, the 11th of july, is the last day of him attending acca classes. T.T
Had 1.5 hours of lunch break today, so we decided to go to pyramid makan~and that was a farewell meal with him. T.T planned to go to KimGary but ended up at Ichiban Ramen cuz there wasnt any vacancy in KimGary.

The three musketeers

First time been to there. the food i ordered, Katsu Ramen.
hmmm, tasted so-so~

was wondering wat made him showing this kind of expression.

One whole bunch of us @ Ichiban Ramen ~

Class ended at 4pm ~ and all of us stayed back in the lecture theatre for our photos session again! XD

Smiles which i described as 'fake' ..
which i think i will miss seeing it on ur face, chian.

The A'Famosa sister and brother.

What happened to Ding?

Ding, Liyun, Billy

Chian, Pohleong

me and mr. ng wei chian

Billy and me.

And then.... someone (lixing?) come up with some ideas of photos snapping. scroll down...

Love all these pics so much ! The process was fun though haha.

At nite, kokwai, being our driver, decided to bring us go yam cha. Hmmm at somewhere around Old Klang Road i suppose. It's sad that xing couldnt make it to join us, however Billy joined us instead, for the very first time ~ :)

Kokwai's favourites,
which I personally think that hmmm, nothing special. =S

kokwai says: 'u all don't mind if i start eating first rite????'
*cant wait cant wait* XD

I'm so out of place @.@

To the one in green: I will miss you. Make sure u take good care of urself ayte! Strive for the best out there. And don't ever forget anyone of us, especially ME kay.. All the best in everything!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nooooo ~

Oh everything just seems to be so different
Much harder this time around
Whatever things i categorized as easy seems to be hard for me now
Today wasnt good as i found myself being total lost in class
Have forgotten loads of basic knowledge which i wasn't suppose to
Getting questions which are much tougher is the worst thing on earth.
Procrastinate no moreeee!! Face it!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A precious missed call

was still sleepin in that morning when the phone vibrated
grabbed it from the table next to me where i put the phone n had a look
....ohhh it's an unknown number from kl....
having thought that it must be some colleges calling
to promote their courses or to do some surveys like wat i always got
i simply put the phone aside and continue sleeping
slept all the way till noon
dragged myself up from bed, did not call them back.

If only i've taken the initiative to call back
If only i've given a little more attention to it
If only i've done more research about it
i surely wont take all these for granted.

Few days, even when friends were asking me about that, i just told them that i didnt receive any calls until i actually took that missed-call number and compared to the number that called liyun only i knew it's about IT... ~.~

Still with the attitude of what they call it in malay? acuh tak acuh? i simply said that what i really want is what i m doing now..until just now, a friend who is not so close to me actually texted me and asked me bout it. she mentioned so much and clarified so much doubts in me about that course. and i was thinking 'that's it lar..i've missed the chance...' -.-

Regret for not picking up the call. Regret for always with that kind of attitude-always take things for granted. Thinking that this and that has got nothing to do with me. Sigh.

If only i've picked up the call at the first place
If only i've joined them to the talk and interviews
then everything might not be the same anymore.
and i'm sure my dad will be very very happy about it.

tang ying yun! u really need to improve! this kind of attitude is killing u!
and so, i've learnt a lesson. a painful one -.-

Thursday, July 3, 2008


当我走在你前面 是多么地希望你能加快脚步跟上我
当我走在你后面 是多么地渴望你能回头看看我 就算是短短的几秒钟
每次决定往前走 向前追 才发现自己原来一直在后退
一直退一直退 连自己在哪里也搞不清楚了
每次闭上双眼 同样的画面会浮现在脑海里 却发现早已回不去
每次试着把视线放远 看看未来 却发现什么也看不到 更别说会到得了
每次从高处凝望着你 才发现你的步伐我早已跟不上
路途很长很长 绕了好久好久 都还找不到出口
一直绕一直绕 原来自己已经回到了原点

很高很高 跌得很深很深 伤得很重很重
没有痛 没有哭 没有泪 因为早已复原
若此疤痕再被伤多一次 换来的或许就不仅仅是道疤痕
没人晓得 没人能预料到 只是预防胜于治疗
一直退一直退 相信总有一天