Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Progress Test 1

I deserve a


for the Law paper in this PT.

Questions were so easy and straightforward, yet my mind was blank, which i don't know why. Havta work harder. I mean, much harder compared to before. I need motivation. Someone change my study-at-last-minute-attitude please. I'm so gonna get fired by Ms. Pushpa.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Got my results. Cleared. and I'm officially in ACCA now =)
This time around, i don't get that kind of happiness like last time, because a big bunch of the good friends did not make it thru cuz of Audit. Sigh. In tax class especially, on this morning, the LT2 we used to have class together in, was so cold, left with 24 of us in class really did not seem to be a good thing and the coldness really made us miss you all even more. ~.~

I do not know how to assure you that everything will be alright. Even though he can't be together with us anymore, even though he can't be there for you anytime you need help in everything and anything anymore, but you still have us beside you. No matter what, we will try our best to help you up. Together, we will overcome all the obstacles in front. Really hope that you won't shed a single tear in class anymore, it makes us feel very sad as well. Anything happens, just be more positive and let it be a part of ur life and try to get over it k? Afterall, the difference is just that we can't have class together anymore, and anything else it's still the same up to now.

Tougher life is right in front of us now. All the best to everyone who passed CAT and lets work harder together starting from now. And to those who did not make it thru, don't give up, we're still at the same road, heading to the same direction. Good luck people.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just felt like updating.

Friday nights are supposed to be relaxing aren't they?

The answer is a no, at least not for this week. Schedule shows that I will be having classes on this saturday, with Miss Rozi, who is the lecturer i'm afraid of the most. Tonite is the second nite of this week where i actually stay up till late night, or should i say early morning?... to complete some homework given by this particular lecturer. This homework was actually given 2 or 3 weeks back, and i only started it on this tues itself, which is very very late. Had been procrastinating and finding reasons for myself for not doing this homework first, only to know that it's too late to regret.

Keep telling myself that i'm with such attitude because now is still the beginning of this semester and its because i haven't got my result. However i doubt that i can fully change on this attitude after next Monday a.k.a. the big day. Don't have the confidence to change on my own attitude since i-dont-know-when. Hope to get my result ASAP, so that i'll know where i'm heading to and won't be as lost as I am right now. I need motivation, whether it's given in a positive way or negative way.

Classes will be commencing at 8am and i'm still not sleeping yet. ~.~ Hope that i won't have problem getting up later. Ciao.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

the so-called doomsday is coming.

Will be getting my CAT results next monday, which is 4 days away from now! The difference between this time and the last time of us getting results is very very huge, as in for the last time, even if we fail any of the papers, we will still be in CAT doing the following papers, but this time around it's not the same anymore. If....if one is to fail either 1 out of the 3/4 final papers of CAT, he/she will need to stay in CAT for another few months and sit for exam this coming Dec for that particular paper. No one can move on to ACCA without passing all 9 papers in CAT.

What if I get 39....? What if I get 40? It's just one mark and it will make so much a difference! What if I get stuck in CAT just because of that one mark? What if i will need to re-do only one subject in these coming few months? What if i actually pass audit and fail another subject? What if i pass all the 3 subjects? What if i can't handle ACCA then? What if ..... What if...... ? *sigh sigh*

Totally don't have the mood to study this one whole week, as in, don't really know how to focus my mind when i'm doing my current work, as there are so many uncertainties. Only if i get all the uncertainties certain and settle down. Fixation and changes need to be made next week itself no matter what it's gonna be. Lets just wish me luck and pray hard for me~

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ausmat Talent Nite

First of all, apologies for not updating for the past one whole week. Been busy with public duties and stuffs though my timetable wasn't packed at all. Today is Friday and i'm here to blog bout last friday (1/8/08) -.- Last friday me, together with my classmates attended AUSMAT Talent Nite. The last time of me attending talent nite was last year, which was held in Inti College Subang, went there to support Yeeler~ (i was not and am not one of the participants) It was great and so I was actually filled with anticipation to attend this ausmat talent nite. However, it turned up to be a disappointment to me. Nothing impressive. Nothing at all. Typical singing and dancing performances and some boring sketches where we, the audiences can hardly listen to the conversations on stage due to the lousy sound system in the hall. Anyway it was not that bad cause we still had fun among ourselves. lol. Presenting to you some of the photos taken on that nite. Some are kinda blurry, so just bear with it alryte. =)

Had our dinner at Pink before the event started.

What to order? *discuss discuss*
th much to expect from there anyway.

Oh spot Jodie! Guess she wasn't satisfied with the drink she ordered =P

nyum yum nyum~
His food doesnt look inviting but he claimed that it tastes good XD

In the lift ~ Believe me, i was day-dreaming.
I didn't even know that i was l
ooking at the cam ~.~

The guys~ All are still single and available~ weeeeeeee.

Ding, you looked retarded in this pic =p no offence kay...

Undeniably the event attracted quite many ppl to attend.

Okayy this is blurry.

Evidence~ the event was boring.

me and darling liyun~
To the photographer: U made me smile though something happened that time and i actually did not feel like smiling at alllllll.
Thank yoouuuuuu. =)

Very the random ~*.*~ comment =X

It's purely due to boredom~ lol.

Group pic :)

Initially me and deardear rayven had a plan. That was to snap a PROPER photo that nite! Cuz 'our first time' wasn't satisfying because of mae yan! HMPH ~ =P

Take 1 ~

me: OMG !! head so big! photographer, go farther go farther~

Take 2 ~

ray: far. we look so small now. can't c our face leh..
me: aiyo..y so blurry one. cannot cannot. take again.
photographer: O.........K.....

Take 3 ~

ray and me: hmmmmmmm ~~ *wondering why was it not satisfying*
ray: Erhh... i think it will be better if only snap our upper bodies. which means don't snap our legs.
photographer: *smiled and took over the camera reluctantly* =p

Take 4 ~

me: eeeee... the background so not nice. so plain!! *stared hard at the wall*
ray: hahaha.... *looking innocently at the photographer*
photographer: ....................
me n ray looked at each other and said that we'll try again next time~ XD

Looking back at all the photos now, I prefer the first one we snapped compared to all the others. At times we thought that we will get something better outta it but somehow it's not the fact at all. The first one is always the best ~

p.s. Special thanks to liyun, xiaoyun and bibi for the help that nite! Luckily i still have you guys. *winkz* =) owhhh and thanks to the photographer who made me smile as well =p