Monday, September 29, 2008

CAT Graduation Ceremony 20080927

Initially i was kinda lazy to update bout this since a few of my friends had already updated, but since this is the one and only time whereby I'll be graduating from CAT, so i'll just gotta post something here alryte. Well, to my fellow friends who still dont know what CAT stands for, it's Certified Accounting Technician, which is a one-year course. I've done with it and currently moving on with ACCA. Grats once again to everyone who had graduated from it. =)

As what Miss Rozi mentioned before the Graduation Day, this is gonna be the only time where we will be graduating together, where we will be able to attend the ceremony together in one gang, cause in ACCA, definitely, some of us might be left out and some will graduate faster or slower than the others. So, me and my friends decided to attend this ceremony though we knew it doesn't worth the money we pay for it. But memory counts, somehow.

2 hours before the event started, we were given a short briefing on
'How to go up to the stage', which i think it's such a joke and a waste of time. We're all grown up enough to know bout that don't u think so?

Moonlight Resonance family~ erm i've no idea why Victor was in =p

Jaclyn and Liyun darling ~ We made it !!
More obstacles yet to come, lets face them together, hand-in-hand.

Wei Chian, Poh Leong, Ding Yan and David.

me, Poh Leong and Li Yun

I think we really looked great with the robe.

One of the most important persons in my life besides my family.
Someone who was there for me, is there for me, and hopefully will still be there for me anytime and anywhere in the future.

ding yan~ a very caring friend who will call, just to ask 'how are you?'
helped me alot throughout this one whole year. teehee =D

This is Manojie aka Harry Potter aka Devil in Green. lol.

Really glad that we're able to move on together.
Thanks for bearing with my bad temper whenever i'm tired and
thanks for being considerate and understanding when things get hard.

And this is Chuying aka Yingying.
Though we seldom get to really sit down and talk, i really enjoyed hanging out with u.

Poh Leong~ He changed alot inside out.
Can never sit with him in class cuz we'll end up talking non-stop.
Another helpful friend of mine :)

With Miss Voon Sia.

The sweetie gurl Emily Kong.
Finally we had a picture together. =D

I actually get to know a new friend on the Graduation Day itself.
Her name is Sue Ting. She's a very fun and from what i see, a happy-go-lucky girl. The reason of us got to know each other was bcuz we were wearing the same black heels! Can't believe i approached her and talked just bcuz of that pair of heels~ Really glad to know her, and she is from Kajang. Mr Kok Zi Wen's ex-schmate. This is a real small world, and i think this is what called fate.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ne ni ne ni bUu bUu.

Haih. Suffering from sore throat right now. Initially i thought it was recovering, but i was so wrong. Had a 30 mins nap just now, meaning i didn't drink water for only that 30mins, and it's so so so painful to the extent that i can feel my throat was like 'burning'. Yes it's that bad. I quickly get up and get my saviour-water. Woooooz, it made my throat felt much better and at the same time, it made me felt so damn painful when i was swallowing the water. Grrrrr.

Asked my friend to get me Dequadin from college bookstore today, but it can only ease the pain for few minutes. -_____- Any medicine works for sore throat better than Dequadin can intro to me people? it's better if i can easily grab it from pharmacy outlets in town. Don't really feel like going to the doctor. -____________-

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tagged by Jodie on 21/8

I've promised her to answer these once i'm free. But always forget and go after other stuffs than doing these and so it's now after almost a month time without me realising of it. Time flies, really.

Remove one question from below and add in your own question, make it a total 20 questions.
Then tag 8 people from your list.
List them out at the end of the post. Notify them that they have been tagged.

1. At what age you wish to marry?
28? 29? It's dependent on whether i've met my G.A. by that time.

2. Do you smoke?
A definite NO.

3. List out two gifts you'd like to receive now.
Hmmm ~
i. a pair of black heels for my graduation day
ii. concrete tips on how to study Law

4. List out two things that you'd like to do now.
i. Travel around perhaps? (Dreammm oN~)
ii. Go shopping and buy whatever i want to, which is so impossible.

5. Do you believe in love at first sight?
No i don't. That's just pure attraction and it isn't LOVE.

6. How old are you?
17 going on 18. LOL

7. What is the latest thing you bought with your own money?
Err.. shirts?

9. Currently into?
Basically nothing. my life is getting more and more dull, which is an indication of me officially being in ACCA. -__-

10. Getting married is going to heaven or grave?
I'm still too young to do any judgement or conclusion on this. Time will show.

11. How many kids do you want?
For now i'm thinking of 2 but as time goes by, thoughts might change.

12. What do you do whenever you feel helpless and there is no one you can turn to?

13. Where is the latest restaurant you have dinner?
The famous ORANGE. LOL

14. Name the latest book you bought?
Couldn't remember, seldom buy books anyway -__-

15. Do you believe in open book test?
Yup, provided the questions being tested are of relevant standards.

16. Single or Attached?

17. Name the first person that comes into your mind now.
Mummy =( Today is Mooncake Fest. and i'm alone at hostel, kinda saddening rite.

18. The most exciting place you want to go?
too many to name.

19. Which quality is more important in a lover. Looks or personality?
Personality of course. But i definitely take looks into reasonable consideration.

20. Make 3 wishes.
i. Found the way to study law and eventually pass it with good scores by this Dec. -__- (It's killing me day after day, must get through it and leave it once and for all!!!)
ii. Daddy and Mummy always remain healthy and away from sickness.
iii. Everyone around me to stay happy and away from negative thoughts, including myself.

Well, i wanted to tag anyone who wants to be tagged but just to follow the instruction of this tag thinggy, I've chosen 8 persons out of my friends list~

I tag:
- Wei ChianN
- Liyun darling
- Ng Jin TONGGG ~
- Mulan ~*
- Kakkk LIZA!
- Chin Han
- Weeyingz the birthday gurl.
Last but not least,
- KoK zi wen ~


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Long road ahead.

Quoted by a friend,
'Always too good a mood doesn't suit the definition of life'

I'm probably at one of the lowest points in my life right now, but i'm sure that i can eventually do better and prove something to her on the 26th of Sept.. Determination is what i need the most now. Thanks to all the friends who showed concern, especially bi and liyun~ =)
and you, who always share with me your 'theory of life' and give me support, though i know you won't be able to read this.

Breathe out and relax even when you're at the worst situation.
Do not give up easily.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


What's behind all the laughters?
What's behind all the jokes?
What's behind all the craps i talked today?
I'm upset. I'm disappointed. In fact a little helpless.

No one realized. No one cared. No one could help anyway.
.................... PT 2 is the motivation to me now, I hope.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Mocha was my all time favourite coffee for the past few years of my life. Recently I'm into Cappuccino. Mocha is no longer my first choice when i am about to choose a cup of coffee from the menu.
Everything in life, there is a so called 'season' attached to it.
Once the 'season' has passed, everything will not be the same anymore.
Nothing stays forever and doesn't change. Nothing.
Any moment, anything can happen, anything can change.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

No such thing as private in blogging?

Hello people. Its kinda surprising that i've changed my blog setting back to private again right. Don't really have a particular reason, and the fact is that there is no such thing as private in blogging, i simply felt like privatize it back. Oh i'm not sure if i will publicize it again after one period of time, perhaps tmr i will change? I'm just too uncertain in everything i do, so just bear with me alryte~

Come back here and drop me some msgs once in a while, as i won't be updating very often. I promise that i won't let this be a dead blog, but at the same time, don't expect too much from me. lol.

Am very busy these days. Busy with tax computations questions, tons of things to catch up on law, and F5 BPP text read-up is a must! ACCA life is different from CAT already, very different indeed. Changes on attitude is a crucial part right now, which i'm still working hard on it. :)

Owhhh happy birthday to muh long lost crazy kaki - foo pao suen ! xD

p/s: When will be the next outing of Satlaisers? Airina lee!! i seriously couldn't rmbr when was the last time of me seeing you.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Update on SAC camp will be up soon.

Joined the ACCA camp organized by SAC on 30/8 to 1/9.
Will post up some photos as soon as i get them from the committee~
Be patient yah! xD