Monday, November 24, 2008

hohoho.. selamba-nya aku.

Hello people ! I'm back from my early self-declared holiday to Genting Highland with my family ! XD~ u must be wondering, how come exam is in one week's time i still go here and there, i should be burying my head on the books and notes everyday now and then rite? There's no answer to this question, just felt like want to go somewhere, so yea.. i said YES instead of a NO when my mom asked me if i can go for a trip. selambe~ but no regrets.....maybe not yet. HAHA ~

We took cable car instead of driving up this time, considering the fact that it's a Saturday and the difficulty of parking the car. Brilliant decision by my mom, and we escaped from all the hassle of driving. Well, couldn't remember when was the last time taking cable car in Genting, felt kinda anxious though, especially when i look down from the cable car. Thinking of all the possible accidents that might occur, i just can't help but feeling insecure. >.<

in the cable car.

Didn't enter the outdoor theme park due to time unsuitability. But...but, i entered casino instead ! HAHAHA ~ for the very first time ! quite surprised no one stopped me when i walked in, anyway lets talk more bout that personally kay, since it's not so appropriate to make any comment right here.

view from my hotel room. pretty misty.

solo ~ no one wanna take pic with me. sigh.

If there's one thing i like about Genting, it would be the cooling wind.

who makes you feel better when the going gets hard?

my family.


Had dinner at Puchong. Urm, at Bumbu Bali to be exact. Heard of it from Ding and Ethan few weeks back, finally i was there least. Lol. Ordered something which has a name that caught my attention ---> Ayam Bertutu. I had a toy with the name 'Tutu' when i was young back then. It turned up that the chicken is marinated with lemongrass. Thumbs up thumbs up! A very good experience if you like to try out something special. Hmm, didn't expect the portion would be that big. I suggest you to get someone to share the main course with you if you happen to dine there.



I felt damn guilty la after finished the meal. Gained don't know how many extra calories. =.= Anyway, you should really go and try if you had not been there. :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

One more week..

Time flies ! EDC classes for F4 and F6 finally ended today ! Woohooo but there's gonna be another so called extra class given by the dedicated Ms. Rozi next tuesday. Urm, the fact of poor foundation in CAT and my choice of abandoning F6 all this while, I was a lil lost in the class, but being blur and clarify doubts at this point is certainly much better than to regret later.

Got to know a few new friends during the combined revision class. Some are in the same group but only got to talk to each other when we coincidentally sat beside each other in the 3 days class, pretty pathetic huh, u know how small a group is my group. Ha! And some from the other groups, whom i've seen their faces but had no clue on what's their names or whatsoever. I simply like meeting new people, widing up my cirlces so that i won't feel alone when old friends start to leave one by one. Urm i mean when old friends couldnt be around always anymore not that the friendships is gone..

Well, law was killing me and it's still killing. Need to start swallowing it once again for the coming one week and perhaps will be starting tomorrow. Promise myself that i certainly not gonna repeat this paper next sem ! Same thing goes to you my fellow friends. Go go go !!

This is a short update and i'll update as soon as i've got the time or if i have got the mood in between my revision time. Good luck people. Do not be overstressed ! We can make it? Yup, absolutely. weichian, good luck too, though we're currently working on different things, having a very different goals, the determination needed is the same alryte. Thank you for the other day as well, you always make me feel better. *winks* That's what friends are for.... :)

Okay, i gotta go have a good nite's sleep now. Good night world !

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Last class with Ms.V

Realised something just now ! We're left with 19days ! I was shocked when i took a look at da calendar and counted the days, it's less than 3 weeks to final ! How can it be possible when i'm so so so not prepared??? *sighs* I wish there's 48 hours in one day !

Done with F5 EDC last week, will be having Law EDC this week and Tax the following week. This is gonna be super duper stressful. But holiday and family trip awaits! yay! =)

I hope, i really really hope, this pic signifies i won't be seeing Ms.V anymore next sem, at least not in class anymore. Go for a drink someday, maybe? Oh by the way, Liyun darling got her blessing that day~i didn't. so maybe she can sail through and i'll drown..... *laughs*

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I need a cure for frequent headache. please?

................. this is depressing.