Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday ?

Sorry friends. i've been busy throughout this holiday. u ask..busy with what, i couldnt actually come up with a good and supportive answer.
I am just.....busy.

It's funny to realise something common in us, your friend asks
"Hey lets go and have a drink! it's been awhile since i last saw u!"

you answer
"hmmm.. sorry, cant make it this time, i'm busy."

your friend replies
"Aiyoooo, busy with what? Where are you???"

and you say
"I'm at home lar. "

and then friend says
"Home?!!! den u said u're busy???!"

Alrite alrite, this might sound familiar to some of us right? i've had this conversation with 3 different friends of mine who phoned/sms-ed me at different day, different time. But the contents and the way they said it was totally the same !

Just because i'm at home doesnt mean i'm unoccupied.

Perhaps the next time i come back? 3 more days to leave home again, i've got alot to prepare. CNY home cleaning is still in progress. CDs burning for my parents is still pending too. Haih, so little time, and holiday is gonna end, depressing.

Do understand me, pls do forgive me if i didnt reply any of the sms-es previous days. thanks to the curfew set by my mom when shes not in good mood. Sorry clement, im not sure if u're reading this, but yea..we'll havta meet during cny ler.. or anytime u go kl. :)

Oops its almost 4. and what's keeping me awake so late? none other than dramas. LOL

Nites world !

Saturday, December 20, 2008

- 070729`081204 -

People so often complain bout others, talk bad things about others. Just because others do not act the way you want them to be, doesnt mean they are wrong or they deserve punishments or whatsoever. Everyone deserves some rights. Everyone leads their own lives. There's no way one shall take control over another. Even its parents, teachers or elders. When you try so hard to gain respects from others, do bear in mind that others need your respect as well. That, includes anyone who is younger than you. Widen your mind, try to listen to what others say, there's no harm listening even if you do not want to accept. Hesitate a while before you totally reject others' suggestions, think twice. Don't be reluctant to listen to people just because you feel like you've lose for doing so. If you're not willing to learn from what is right in others' words, you will never learn, no matter how long it takes. a real important part in life. They are just like a reflection. What happened on them might happen to you one day in future, too. So, open your eyes..see, and listen whenever it is. Take some time to look back into your past whenever you've got free time. It's okay to laugh at yourself when you recall how silly you were, how stubborn you were when dealing with something in the past. As long as you've learnt....

I might not be perfect. might not be as rational as how i seemed to be when tough stuffs are right in front of me. might never be strong enough to stand by myself all the time. might not be able to follow everything in my plans. for now and for future. I still deserve a life. that that i'm still in the process of learning... how to get a real life.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Permanently....or not.

Law paper is over !! It's like.... FINALLY ! The questions were so unexpectedly simple and straightforward compared to past years..... I was like, oh god...!! how can this be coming up??? when i took my first glance on the questions. If only i didnt skip those parts during my revision. =.= well, to those who can shout it out loud and clear that you're gonna burn or bury or throw away your text after today, grats to you. However, to me, as usual, i hardly recall things when it comes to Law, so i cannot confidently say that i'm gonna get thru the paper this time. so yea..i'll be keeping my Law stuffs...until February. I do hope i can say goodbye to all the PYQs and the text permanently.... Ugh !

2 down 1 more to go. All the best to all.