Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just a simple updatez

As im doing the same things everyday over and over again since the holidays began ie. wake up-lunch-tv-games-youtube videos hop-dinner-tv-online-magazines-blogs hop-sleep, therefore i don't really know what to update about~ but tonight just feel like want to scribble something here.

And so this afternoon, i went for hair-dressing with my mom. LOL such a beautiful word. Finally...i got my hair straightened. if u're close to me i guess u surely know how much i wished to straighten it again since my last haircut~ few months of delay finally i get it done today. weeeeeeeeeeee

No photos on my newly-done hair is available here yet. cuz am not in the mood to take any pics due to the fact that......i just don't have the mood. ~.~ anyway u all will be seeing me real soon so just see it when u see me lol. *nonsense*

Will be going back to Sunway soon. On Monday afternoon. and for ur information, im gonna take bus back to there this time around. anyone driving back to kl on that day who willingly wish to give me a free ride haha, don't hesitate, take ur phone and contact me yea :) Tomorrow, oops today will be one whole day whereby i need to arrange all the previously used textbooks which i brought back from sunway (which i still not willing to actually take them out from the plastic bags) and pack all the stuffs that need to be brought back to college for new semester. And probably will do some shopping on stationeries or whatever else with mom later.

It's gonna be sad to leave home again. holiday is so short for us. T___T well, one more thing is, i actually hvnt got my timetable yet even though they claimed that the classes will be commencing on da 2nd of july. and according to mr chua kang ping it will be out only on the 1st of july. Sigh and this is the service we get in return of all the $$ we spent on da course~ and i might be coming back to hometown again if the class isnt commencing right after orientation, who knows lol since my sister is back on Monday! Can't wait to see her~

Dizzy. Off to bed now. aahhahah ying n liyun, such a short update uh? Miss u2 much~!! :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

oh well..

One week ! Can't believe i'm back to ktn for one week already (.....actually i feel like it has been 2 weeks....) and I haven't meet up with any of my old friends YET. pathetic. planned this and that b4 i got back, and den all of us are just too lazy to go out~ why why why? sighhh.

I'm now left with another ONE week of holiday before a new start of what? ACCA? Omg, i can already feel the stress i'm gonna face real soon whenever i think of that. Well, lots of changes n fixation need to be done before the brand new sem starts..and i guess i really need to spend more time in planning for that. hmmmm...


I hate that so much when me/whoever had planned and arranged something for US. And it turns up so suddenly that someone changes his/her mind, and u know what, the perfect plan has to be canceled just like that. Don't u think that's just so unfair for those that had put in effort to actually try their best to make the plan a success?? Why is it every time it's so hard for them to decide, and after the decision, it's not 100% confirm that there won't be any changes of decision somemore! Really kind of hopeless and disappointing.

Don't tell out ur decision when u're undecided.
When u think there might be changes (even a slight change) to what u're choosing up to one point, u might as well just keep that to urself until u're sure of what u really WANT. so that you don't bring US any disappointment.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stop Bullying Edison Chen??

Since i've got nothing better to do right now, just wanna share a video clip with u all here~ =)


Off my lappie at 3am and on it back at 430.
Tried to sleep earlier today so i forced myself to go to bed at 3, cant believe i actually couldnt sleep at all!! OMG. I feel so energetic at the moment, as if i just woke up from a sleep or something though the fact is that i actually did not sleep at all. wth?
Guess i'll be able to see the sky gradually turns bright from a total dark.
Haha was wondering anyone else is facing the same prob like me?
Good morning world !!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

To the Best Friend.

Ms Lum Ji Yan, Happy Birthday !! *huggiess*

Class monitors of 2 different classes in Standard 1 who fought against each other EVERYDAY, just to enter the classroom earlier. swt. And became good friends ever since Standard 2! =)
Best partners in club activities during Secondary sch time. Did quarreled over our very different opinions but were able to resolve everytime after discussin. Miss the time you stay over at my place and we laid on bed talking for the whole nite~

The first person i would turn to when I faced difficulties or problems in life. She's always there for me when i needed someone to listen. Thanks darlin. Though now that we seldom share our stories with each other compared to last time, deep down i still feel that u're close to me. 10 years down the road, never did I regret having you as my best friend.

Trained by her to become good in camwhoring since we stepped into the family of Nanyang Students Club and Students Reporters. Due to the fact that we seldom get to meet each other nowadays, the skill is of course not as good as before nymore. Hahahh!

Oh yan, hope u likey the lil puppy. Not that we do not liao jie you, we too liao jie you that we knew u fancy clothes and bags alot. We were trying to get u something special outta the norm! Hug 'him' tight-tightly when u miss us alryte!

Hope you did really enjoyed ur big day ! Love you always. Cheers~ =)

Monday, June 9, 2008


Never expect it would be like that. I mean, yea i know it's surely gonna be hard, but really didnt expect it to be that hard.

What is probable to come out didn't come out at all. not even a small bit. wtf.
What was actually on your mind, Mr. Brian Pine??

When i was reading the 2nd question, really almost cried. this is the very first time i felt like crying when answering exam questions. How the hell i'm gonna answer it when what was asked isn't in the textbook? arghhh.

Na na na na~ What has passed just let it pass.

Last paper tmr. Gonna be alryte i think.. Can't wait can't wait~

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

another day wasted.

I just finished my T7 yesterday, and i felt as if i've finished my exam, which is obviously not the fact, coz i'm still left with another 2 papers. Well today one whole day, i didn't know what i've done, did not study a single thing. Yes, maybe i was staring at the book, but it seems like nothing goes into my brain. Total failure. Didn't know what happened to me today, maybe i should blame the weather, rainy day always makes me e-m-o. Concentration was zero.

In da afternoon, due to the boredom i was facing, i did played some game. hmmm..if u know, it's called Bejeweled. Guess not many ppl know about this game, coz ryte, it was kinda boring n not those super-duper-fun-and-exciting-game. perhaps to some ppl, this game is what they call lame. well well well, why do i want to care about what other ppl think rite. Okay back to the point, while playing the game, i started to think alot again. About anything and everything around me. Whatever that happened to me, to ppl around me recently. Frankly speaking, life was freaking dull and boring since-i-dunno-when. I seriously need a break from all these. Hurm, 6 more days. I shall be patient.

Plenty of thoughts inside me ryte now. Don't really know how to express them out here. Maybe i will do some updates about that after finals? depends on my mood.

Suddenly feel that there is a huge gap between me and some of my secondary sch mates, and those working together after spm too. I don't know what they're currently up to, and they dont know what i'm up to. One of them actually called me just now, and when i saw his name on my phone, i chose not to answer. I didn't know why, mayb coz of the stress of studying audit and dont feel like talking to anyone. Will contact him later when i got the mood to talk i guess. I'm being very emotional recently. It sucks. I always hurt those ppl around me indirectly, especially those living with me, that need to bear with my 180degrees mood change. And everytime i will end up apologising. really sry.

I am feeling dizzy. shall hav a rest now. cheers ppl. work hard for our next killer paper-Audit!