Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Every semester starts the same way. Busy catching up with friends after the 2 or 3 weeks' break, go around photocopying textbooks, PYQs and other lecturers' notes, plenty of hangouts after classes. Then the results come up.. Lucky you if it doesnt affect you at all, else you would gotta arrange for re-sit class bla bla bla.. And before you know it, it's already mid of the semester. Then you suddenly realise you're left behind, lots of catch up work to do with your circle regarding the syllabus, but too bad, sometimes it's just too late.....

And then the exam finishes, you tell yourself next semester u're not gonna do last minute's job. You're gonna prepare early! You're gonna study consistently! You're not gonna waste time Fb-ing, gaming, chatting on msn, drama-ing. But that thoughts only stay for about 1 or 2 days. After that, back to square one. And the cycle repeats..

Plenty of stuff i regret doing last semester. Also, plenty of stuff i regret not doing.

This post was actually started on the 24th, but i didnt finish it hence i didnt post it. Reason being, I do not know how to continue further... Yesterday was the 2nd of January 2010. And it's a brand new year! Happy New Year peeps! :) And it was my first day of class for this sem, or rather, the first day of me stepping into a classroom where i wasn't supposed to be in. Yup it's Miss Menon's class again. Sad but true enough, I'm pretty sure bout the outcome that will be made known in February, after CNY. That's why the decision.

The time now is 0228, 3rd Jan. Today marks the last day of me allowing myself to stay up till this hour, not bcos of anything but indulging myself with dramas. Caz I'm meeting my mentor for the OBU project I've opted to complete this sem in the morning of 4th Jan. Some people told me it's difficult, especially if you're taking p2 while doing it. Some people told me it's pretty much easy, if you follow the mentor's instruction and spend time willingly on the research n not rushing it for nothing and get yourself absolutely mad about completing it ASAP. Well i shall find out abt that on my own very soon.

Last few days were all about celebrating his birthday and welcoming the New Year. We went to Tenji. I heard so muchhhhhhh nice comments on Tenji weih! But too bad, No, i don't think it's really that nice. Choices there were quite limited if compared to Jogoya i guess. I shan't talk too much as i haven't been to Jogoya. If you want to disagree, by all means... And the thing i kinda dissatisfied is, its web and blog says theres free flow coconuts, as he loves coconut drinks very much, thats one thing attracted me to pay a visit there, who knows!! Yea, it's free flow, but it's like the scarce resources...uh u learned that in Costing didnt u? We only managed to get 1 for each of us =.="

As i don't eat sashimi (juvin said dunno how come ppl can say they love sushi when they dont eat sashimi, uh im one of those ppl =p) , i expected more on their tempuras and 'normal' sushi. A huge huge disappointment. They were like seemed to be so not inviting to me. And we couldnt even find a single piece of cooked Unagi. Wat la ~.~ But, there were few types of chinese soup which were nice, herbal soup to be specific. Tom yum shabu-shabu soup was nice too. Basically those nice food were all not Japanese food. What an irony huh. It's named Japanese Buffet.

Anyway anyway, sis just dated me to go Jogoya with her on the 1st of Feb! Wee~ perhaps something to look forward to despite the saddening fact that my life is gonna be real miserable once I accept the task from my mentor tomorrow. =S

I'll be in Group 1, guys.. cant be attending P1 with y'all. But i'll be in college, so do rmbr to find me xD

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Decide for me pls

Parent is here, i've an idea thas to ask them bring my laptop back to Kuantan so that i wouldnt need to carry it home when i take bus back after exam. Question is, can i stand the boredom without my lappie here in hostel? And also, will it helps me to concentrate better w/o laptop?.....or worse? I rmbr how sleepy i was last sem when i had no laptop with me, and i ended up sleeping whenever i feel bored. But now it's like few days to my first paper, and another week to the next paper, it should be okay right? Right? Anyone who is reading this...pls gimme some suggestions haHA

Monday, November 30, 2009

Unreasonably Reasonable

I don't know how i should be feeling right now. I must admit I do know the presence of the disc, which contain the special video she made for him 2 years back. I must agree that what is past is past. However i still can't help but feelin upset to realise he is still using the first present she gave to him back then when they were still togetha. I rather i didn't press the 'play' button just now zzz

To compare the past to the present is just like to take a blade and cut to your skin slowly. The pain doesn't occur instantly though. It should not be done, but unconsciously you would have done that. wth. Whyyyyy must it be NOW to find out the disc? Now, as in 1 week to final?

oh well i know im being unreasonably reasonable, so u aint suppose to comment. Ciao.

Monday, November 23, 2009

To Liyun Darl

First thing first, Happy Birthday to u, darl ! You always say nobody celebrate with you on ur birthday coz everyone will be busy preparing for exam at this time every year, which is true, we did not cel with u for the past 2 years. Hmmm.. :)

I still would like to apologise for making the meal a Pizza meal AGAIN despite you telling me you had Pizza the nite before, with ur family. I totally forgotten about it as when i read ur msg last nite, all that i was thinking is to bring you to Shabu Shabu Train today. Im so sorry. Today we actually reached Pyramid at 11 something (to avoid the trouble in choosing dining place everytime we're in pyramid =.=) , and after all the elimination, we ended up with 2 options, which was Papa John and Pasta Zanmai.

When you told me in Popular that you wanna go Pasta Zanmai, my heart was really like.....dropped. Seriously. I wish i made the other decision, but its too late to change plan and everyone was waiting in Papa John with the candles lighten up. =( anyway....

I hope you had a great day! and hope u like the cake. Alice bought from Taipan de, might not be as big as the one from Desa but i think it's nice :)

Just realised we've come so far together. It's almost 3 years now. Soon in the near future i won't be attending the same class with you, hope that we still could meet up as frequent as possible ya.

Darl, believe in urself, do what u think is right. Don't get affected by other people's decision. Im sure you're wise enough to make ur own ones, just that sometimes you're afraid of being alone right? :) take care, n epi burfday again!! hhehe

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Past vs Future. No current.

Very often, when we're in that picture, we couldnt see things clearly. Only until someday in the future when we're no longer in it, we can think things thru more thoroughly. Take a few seconds and look back into your past. Your failed friendships with your besties, failed relationships with your boyfriends/girlfriends, or even spoilt family ties.. Do you still feel the same as how you felt that time, when the whole thing was still fresh in your mind?

If read till here, you're thinking, none of your relationships failed before, then i shall congratulate you. You're one of the very lucky ones. But if you do have had some failed relationships, you surely will agree with me that the pain that was in your heart is no longer there right here, right now.

People used to say, Time can heal everything, every single pain. Is that true? Or is it only a myth that people wrongly believe in all this while? I don't know. Perhaps yes to some of you. But personally, i feel, the issue that made me cried over it days and nights last time is no longer significant in my heart now is because I've accepted it. No doubt, when close friends ask me something about that particular issue or unintentionally brought back that particular memories to me, I do still feel "something", SOUR is the word. But thats all. I won't take another moment thinking about it or upset over it because i have accepted it.

Frankly, every time when i think back about it, i'll sigh to myself. It's a sigh of relief. I feel fortunate that i'm now out of that picture and i'm out of all the miseries that i hardly let go two years back. Don't be overwhelmed by feelings, i should have realised earlier so that i wouldnt had to go thru all the pain and lived in denial for about 1 year after that. And i'm glad i met him after that. That was when i learned to love again, to care again, and to not let the past haunt me all the way.

Everything is supposed to be very fine now because my parents sort of granted me the permission to have a boyfriend...BUT. (Yea, they objected on this previously, especially my mom. I know they are just being concerned and scared that I'll get hurt by bad guys) Every parent is the same anyway :) Yup, i used the word 'suppposed'. Sigh.. I'm in a dilemma. Please bring me outta this. I just want to be happy. Hope later tonight i'll have a good answer to myself after dinner with him.

I'm not afraid to be out of the picture, for i know i'll see more things after that.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sorry for not updating for quite sometime. Been through some indescribable pain for the past 2 weeks. (regaring my ear if u havent known) But everything is pretty alright now, no more pain at least. The problem is not solved yet though..probably going back to the gp on Wed and shall see how it goes. The last thing i would do is to go to the specialist which will cost me 1k+.

Current location : Sunway College North Building West Wing . hehe i doubt any of you know where is it. Came to college with my laptop and pile of Audit books in a Sunday morning just because hostel line is down again...due to the heavy rain 2 days ago, and it's unfixed till now. Sigh! And another reason of me coming to college is hope i could concentrate better on the books, caz i tend to sleep or watch dramas when im bored studying in hostel =)

Oh ya, last night i found that my flask is gone! I used to put it in the cupboard in the kitchen but i couldn't find it last nite. Stolen by I-dunno-who. Might be hostel cleaner, maintenance staff, or even my own hsemate. Sigh.. When i mentioned i lost something, some of my hsemates told me that they lost some things too! What is this lah.. Should set up surveillance cameras so the culprit can be caught! Hence, the need to buy a new flask later today.

1st of Nov marks the beginning of the last month before my final. I must admit i'm still pretty much relaxed right now. Probably because i'm just taking 2 subjects this semester, one being the one i've sat for. Hardly got the momentum i should have by now. Quite a worrying state. Trying my best to adjust back, and i must say, i cant wait to attend revision classes as i'm dead boring these days. Zzz

Wednesday, October 14, 2009




Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blur ME

Yesterday only i realised
ShabuShabu = Mizi美子
Mizi美子 = ShabuShabu

That day Li Yun asked, which part of Puchong Shabu Shabu is at?
I answered her "Neh.. The square many restaurants one ar, got Bumbu Bali, Mizi etc."

Darling, Mizi = Shabu Shabu. Haha.

And, that day when i was there, i got a feeling tat it looks like a Japanese restaurant coz those food are moving in front of you, just like those sushi restaurant. Guess what i saw on the card given to us that day? Mizi Shabu Shabu Japanese Steamboat Buffet. Once again, =.=

Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy birthday, Evelyn !

I would like to start this post by thanking everyone who wished me on my birthday, be it via sms, facebook or face-to-face. I appreciate every single wish from you all, for i know you guys still remember me :) Special thanks to the one who had put in so much effort to make me happy on that day--Mr. Woon. :)

When the clock strikes 12am on the 7th, my phone started to vibrate, sms-es were received one by one. And i received three presents at that time itself.

Necklace from dearie, with a potato =.=

You must be wondering why potato...It's coz i told him i love eating potato when we had dinner at Winter Warmers one week before my birhtday. Swt rite, he went to buy ONE potato from vege seller haha, it made me smile though.. :)

The smaller jewelry's a pendant inside, given by his mom. I was so surprised to receive it, coz I didn't expect her to know my birthday. The pendant is very unique to me, i love it, but i don't have proper camera with me currently, hence the absence of its pic. It looks blur captured by hp cam. Next time aite.

On the 7th, when i got up, i saw something yellow on my study desk. As i did not wear specs that time, i thought it's a post-to-it notepad which is usually on my table, so i didnt pay much attention. After gotten myself prepared to go college, put on my contact lens, only then i realised it's actually a small birthday card! Gosh poor eyesight i have.

Nice card isn't it? It's the only birthday cake i've got this year :)

Yup, it's from Xiao Yun and the bf, Andrew

She told me that she had hidden the present for me in my cupboard, asked me to find myself. Found the pressie in less than 1 minute! Tada!

A frog!! hehehe, it's a masage stick~ I love it so much! Been having muscle aches due to unknown factors (probably stress), she bought me this. How thoughful! =)

During P2 class, liyun darling passed me a present, shared by herself, Chuying darl and Poh leong. Guess what.. it's another 2 frogs~surprised me very much la, why so many frogs one this year =.= It's a table lamp, cute cute :) It's chargeable one, its my cup of tea as i hate using those AA or AAA battery.

After P2 class that day, bout 2pm, i went to Pyramid with Kisin. She came over to celebrate with me! Quite touched ler, coz she wasn't feeling well yet shes still here with me! This is what i call, true friend. She spent me for lunch in BBQ Plaza. Birthday Meal No1. :)

She is still the same as last time. We're still the same :)
Had a long chat there. Glad to cat
ch up with her.

Thanks for the meal gal :)

At nite, dearie brought me to Puchong Shabu-shabu for dinner. It's a buffet restaurant, not the same as the one in Asian Avenue Pyramid. Initially i wasn't that comfortable with that place as i was wearing nice dress, in a very clean state, only to realise how the place it's like after i reach there. If i knew earlier, i would hav worn a spaghetti strap+shorts. However after awhile...i thought, Nvm la, im just gonna wash that dress straightaway after the dinner and bathe again, it's as simple as that, i dont need to :( over it.. Enjoyed myself eating nonstop that nite. :D Birthday Meal No.2

The types of food are almost the same as the famous steamboat buffet restaurant, Yuen. What i like about Shabu Shabu is that you're given a pot right in front of you, and all the ingredients are on the belt right in front of you, just like those Japanese sushi restaurant, you don't need to go around hunting for food or 'fight' with people when the restaurant is crowded. Pretty good management i should say.

And..i found potato at Shabu shabu!!
which i don't rmbr seeing it in Yuen. *loves* =)

On the 8th, went to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng for lunch with darls liyun chuying, Pohleong, Billy, Chin Han, Kok wAi and Xing. The birthday YinYong is a tradition to us dy. Haha. Birthday Meal No.3

Lixing very kind, help me cut out the hard part of the vege hehe.

Spot the 2 bubble tea on the table.
The colourful one is my present from Xing, Kokw
ai & Han.

I finished the whole cup without knowing what flavour exactly it is.
Now i hate birthday, it fattens me
Look at my chubbier face after bday :(


The Sunway Yum Char kaki ~

Lastly, i got a "milk feeder" from BIlly. Er, a coin bank actually. I don't know why he will buy that, but it is something very out of my expectation =) There is a Monkey in it. Alien Monkey. ~.~

Take a closer view of the Monkey. Super banana minded. Can only see bananas in his eyes. Nothing else.

Once again, thanks everyone for the things you've done for me. I'll rmbr for life :)

p/s : you'll see me fasting during the day very very SOON. I'm FAT!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

These few days in Kuantan really meant alot to me
first of all, i've got the driving test done...after so many years LOL
secondly, i finally told mom n dad bout him, and also told sis
third, gao dim the ACCA exam entry confusion over P3

HEading back Sunway at 8am later~
Class at 2pm...And after that i think i'll be in SS2!
Any1 mau makan sama saya, pergi SS2 lah..update lagi nanti bai bai~

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Got no classes at all this whole week other than the 3 hours i had in kasturi for Audit this afternoon. I'm pretty bored of such life. It's all about classes, exams, revisions, once-in-a-while hangouts. Nothing else..Nothing! And especially when you're only handling 2 subjects, 1 being the one you're attempting for the 2nd time, there's really nothing to look forward to every day. Going back Kuantan on Thurs and hopefully my driving instructor will be able to arrange my exam to be on next Monday (yup i havent got my license yet) and coming back on Tues early morning so that i could go for class in Kasturi again at 2pm. ~.~ u got what i meant? boringgggg.

Good friends had by one. From Yan, to CY, Rina, then Del n Tong. Sighs. The noisiest ones left last 2weeks. Could only made it to send Dellie off as schedule on that 2 days were quite full. Sorry tong =( Ohya!! Eelin left few days back too! Wish them all the best. Anyways, back to the point. They're only coming back in at least one year's time..which means, New Year would be much silent compared to previous years, with the very few of us left in Kuantan. All of us are scattered apart. What to do...everyone is leaving for better opportunities.....doesn't apply to my course though. hmmm..

Doing Audit AGAIN is really not good at all.. Scanning thru the pages with the same old facts will only make you doesn't feel like continuing. But sad thing is it's not an option to me. I need strength, i need motivation..or perhaps a senior's guidance? Unfortunately i have none... ahhh sry this is another uninteresting post. Off to bed now, tarrrrrr.

*perhaps there will be something to look fwd to next week? *winks*

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hey guys.. As i mentioned, i just changed back the blogskin right..And my link list is gone!! Kindly leave a comment in the chatbox with ur link that i can link you back asap. TQ :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm feeling so happy and BLESSED to have found back this blogskin after i changed it few months ago!! I loved this , but there was a time when i was totally bored of it and wanted something plain.. But then u know.. i'm still loving it!! =) M yet to update on this blog.. change all the settings n publicize it again.. Wait till i've got a good n stable line..cant do much in hostel, well u know.. :( till den ppl! Ciao

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's not easy to be at where i am today, to have what i'm having right now.. I will do anything to preserve and protect myself and what i'm having. I mean, ANYTHING ! even if i would hav to lose a best friend.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A letter written to Nobody

To: Anyone who cares


Today i experienced it again. I knew it never goes away until I step out to work but truly i never thought it would be Audit. Spent 1 and a half day studying F7 and had emotion's breakdown on the exam day itself i still able to pass whereas spending most of my time trying to get hold of the subject, asking around for good lecturer's notes and went attending revision class in other college still couldn't result me in passing this paper, he is not kind enough..he wasnt willing to give in, not even one mark.

I remember Miss Kiran (my ex lecturer for Audit) used to say.. "If u make fundamental errors in the exam..the marker is not going to make you pass, even when they're reviewing your paper for the second time, third time or moreeee... U can't make fundamental error in ur exam! NEVER!". Her voice, her statement stroke my heart so deeply that day itself and i think i will remember it for life. Well, i don't know what kind of fundamental error i've made, since ACCA never allowed students to review their own papers. But what is done is done...

So many people comforted me by saying i only failed by one mark. Even Ethan called me all the way from UK. Really felt like wanna cry when i received his call and heard his voice this afternoon.... But, what i think is fail, 49marks or 1mark, it has got no difference to me at all!!! so pls... Stop saying all the bullshit stuff. Sorry to be rude, but im sure u're close enough to understand how i feel. If you don't, doesnt matter. I dun give a damn to what other people say.

My heart is stoned. Never will i feel any sadness or disappointment or happiness about results anymore..I just want to get done with all of them, and leave this place...

Ohya, someone was trying to get on my nerve just now ! PLS don't mix up my studies and relationship. What I'm having and the outcome of my exam has got nothing to do with each other at all! Don't make ur own judgement! And if you're sick of seeing people having their own xing fu, then kindly stay away..I don't mind.

I walked alone. I'm still walking alone...
no worries be happy


Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blue Sky!

Just when you think that it is the end of the misery, it is actually the start of another. Just when you think that nothing could stand in the way to your future happiness, you yourself stop a little and look back to the past. The past is scary as it tends to hold you back from moving forward. Just when you make up your mind and decided to move on, you'll question yourself, what if those quarrels, those mistrust, those arguments did not take place years ago...months ago, where will you be and who is the one beside you right now.

People come and go. Friends come and leave. And i think thats the thing that keep me going, coz i know i'll be meeting new friends. Though sometimes i'll have to lose the old ones in order to get the new ones. But thats the way it is, something need to be given up in order to get something else. I don't hold friends back, if you decide to leave my circle, i'm totally fine with it, for i know it's easy for me to make friends. Unfortunately, you did not realise you're actually buidling a wall around yourself and keeping yourself inside, disallowing people to enter, and not that people do not care about you anymore.

As i said, Bf is not everything. What is life if there's only a Bf and no friends? What is life when your best friend leaves you alone because he/she thinks that it's enough of you having your darling beside? What is life when your friends think that you need them no more for having a Bf? Friends who still stay close, i'm glad that you do so...and i really appreciate that.

One can't be letting the emo-ness to control what one does and says. Gotta start from somewhere and learn to realise most problems can be solved with a lil thoughts...... Learn to dwell on it than to compare and think things over and over again which is of no use at all.

This is a post written in a very relaxed and pleasant mind. Not pointing my finger to any particular person. In fact, this sets as a reminder to myself as well.

Today, in every way, my life is getting better and better... And i'm sure yours will be the same way too~ Live life well. Cheers..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009







Sunday, July 12, 2009

Trip to PD ~

I never liked to go for trips with another person alone. The same goes to normal outings n hangouts. I prefer it to be in groups. Like to talk with different people than to the same person all the time. So it took me some time b4 decided to go PD with him. We went there yesterday early morning and came back this afternoon.

This post is for me to keep as memory and not for you to comment. wahhahaha. chinhan thought i brought him back to kuantan after seeing the photo i put on msn. :D He drove her mom's car for safety purposes. First and foremost, introducing to all, giraffes in Auntie Jean's car, i named them DumbDumb. hahahah.

On the way to there 100% with the help of GPS device alone.

My driver for life :D

Been hearing so much bad things about PD. People said it's so dirty la, full of rubbish la, damn polluted la n bla bla bla. So this trip, initially i didn't put much anticipation and expectation one. But as we're arriving and the seaside started to appear, i was so amazed! And straightaway felt excited ! Have a look at this..

Isn't it pretty? Emerald blue sea okay.. just like any other famous islands like Redang. But sad to tell, thats only true when you're seeing it from far. When you go nearer, you'll realise how polluted it actually is, can see rubbish floating too. Lol, so this is the disappointment i got upon the change of perception of mine earlier on... Haa

Bcuz we reach there earlier than the check-in time, hence the need to wait. We had like 2 hours to be spent before we can check in. Walked around the hotel and took some random pics. Nothing much can be done as there's no activities apart from swimming.

Corus Paradise Resort, the place i stayed at.

spot the shadow of ours !! :D

This is how the hotel looks like at nite. Much more grand it seems rite. Memorable day i had. And i realised staying with another person is not easy!! haha. Thanks for the memory~ :D

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cave cAvE ~

I've only been to a real cave for twice.. Once at Pahang and another time at Sarawak. Today i entered a cave, without any difficulty to get there or sweat like shit in order to reach, it's at SS2. Haha. I guess everyone of you know where i'm referring to. In case you dont know, it's the famous couple restaurant lah duh.

Erm, super no "yun fan" with this shop, as in I've gone there for 3 times but today was the 1st time i actually eat there. 1st time was V'day, we went without booking so definitely no place. 2nd time it was closed. And 3rd time it was closed too, Red FM had some event there. Finally !! today, i experienced what they mentioned as the good "environment for couple".

Well, i'll say it's not badddd lah. Atmosphere is definitely alot better than other restaurants which is mostly very noisy and full of people chit-chatting loudly and uncontrollably, which i dont like. But, when you take a look at the menu, Gosh..

1. so little choices.. not much things for you to choose. Theres only Western and Japanese.
2. the prices are high weih.. way higher than other places. well mayb cuz of the atmosphere it created ba. cheapest main course i can find from the menu is rm18.90 and most expensive can go up to rm50++. It's about TGI price dy okay.. Mind you, only main course yea, no appetizer no drinks no soup no nothing. And the portion of it is definitely...i call it "standard".

Tiew pohleong told me he went there, and ordered a sandwich which was not bad and cost like rm13+. I flipped thru the menu again and again just to find it, couldnt find pun. Itu penipu =p Then i get to know that they changed their menu, and the sandwich is no longer in the menu. huhu so i ordered the cheapest of all.. and the most normal of all.. Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti.

Him with his seafood spaghetti and his all time fave drink-chocolate ~
Dunno what wish he made... =.=


Couples!! or those in "ai mei" relationship, can go visit The Cave when you free OH!! haha