Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ahh it's been awhile i never update.

I'm back in Kuantan already ! just reached actually, bro drove back this time, so i can escape from all the hassles of taking bus in Pudu.

Once i arrived home, oh my... so different! I first saw brand new red lanterns in the car porch, followed by newly painted main gates of my house. Stepped in, i then noticed a crystal ball in orange, erm those keep on rolling and with water surrounding it. Too lazy to post a photo up though.. maybe later.. It's fantastically pretty !

Aim of the day : finish up my F9 homework
Tomorrow will be CNY Eve, surely gonna be busy helping mom in the kitchen !

Hereby, i wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year !

Satlaisers~ We're so gonna catch up with each other this CNY ! =)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Went to Kimgary for dinner few days ago. With roomie XY and her bf Andrew. Yup i was the lamppost again. =.= That wasnt the point though.. Took a picture while we were dining. Saw whats inside? Thats actually the leftovers of the 3 of us. Thats the jelly or agar-agar or whatever-you-call-it in orange that Andrew claimed it tastes sucky. And some fried onion XY doesnt eat, or should say doesnt like to eat... And some vege i DONT LIKE ! The foods look more attractive now. No?

It's taken at Pyramid New Wing entrance ie. the entrance beside Haagen Dazs. Quite pretty. Didn't know since when the decorations was there, quite some time ago maybe, i just realised its existence few days back though.. CNY is around the corner. Hows ya preparation? bought your new clothes? For those who going back hometown, bought your bus tickets? Anyone wanna go shopping for CNY clothes? Call me along....preferably a gurl. :)

It's the second week of classes. Still having the holiday mood in myself i think, couldnt really focus in class yet. The momentum is just not there yet. A part of me feels like waiting for the results before any further effort is put in. But that just doesnt sound wise. And i shall not let what happened last sem to happen again this sem around. Gotta start pushing myself today onwards before it's too late to even regret about it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Genting Trip

Class started on the 6th, and we, as in me and my classmates went to Genting on the 4th! LOL, it was kind of a last minute plan, but we seriously did have lots of fun there!

Considering the danger of taking bus straight up to Genting, we decided to take cable car instead. We were able to get a package which is inclusive of bus tic from KL Sentral to Gohtong Jaya plus cable car plus indoor and outdoor theme park tics for RM 42, which i think it's very the worth it!

Initially 11 persons were in, but last minute David wasnt able to join us due to the poor weather and his mom was being worried bout the safety of the bus. Hmmm poor thing. :(

han was so excited to take cable car as according to him he had not been on one for a long long time... how long? i dont know.

me and cc in da cable car.

We were all soooooo hungry when we reached Genting. As we still cant check in yet that time, we decided to leave our luggage at the luggage room. And we headed to a restaurant in First World happily.....'cuz thats when we finally can fill up our pathetic stomachs !

chuying, liyun and alice

It tastes so bad that i did not finish it though i was so darn hungry. ~_~

Oh before i forget, we met Hui Fang in First World, somewhere near The Pavilion. She was there with her family attending some events of her dad's company. What a coincidence!

Been busy praying the day before, hoping it would be a sunny bright day cause we're all so gonna enter outdoor theme park. I went there 3 times before in the past 2months, didnt even enter the theme park. Not even once. Mist and rain was the cause. So i decided to pray real hard this time around. So that i can enter. And it turned out to be
like this.........

*sad* =.=
well, it's kinda fortunate already. space shot was in operation as usual!

Look at kokwai, he was so nervous. lols
Remember oh~ 若你临时退缩,你就是懦夫!:p

We did not hav much choices as it was raining somewhere in the middle of that evening. Were so bored that we even played this. Unbelievable.

Kokwai arh kokwai, your height is qualified. dont worry :p

HMPH! Why must it rain huh? :(

Hujan lah... apa boleh buat??
Ambil gambar! xD

Rain brought us to the 3D mini cinema which i was abit reluctant to enter at first.
but it wasnt that bad, though it was kinda meaningless...i mean the show.

Couldn't find any suitable adjectives to describe muhself.

Went around playing some indoor theme park thingies b4 dinner.

After dinner, we girls went shopping while the guys went doing something else which i'm not sure what, we were just trying to get rid of them :p Girls do not like guys to be around when they're shopping. Reason? Whether consciously or unconsciously, guys will show some impatience on their faces while sort of waiting for girls to make up their minds when they're buying stuffs etc etc. Agree? =)

And around 9pm, we decided to go PartAy ! but where?
Poh Leong suggested we go survey around first, as in check the entrance $$ b4 deciding which one to enter. We went to Cloud9 at first.

And then we headed towards the one situated opposite Cloud9 ---> Safari~
Me and chuying agreed that Safari looked much more inviting and there had better decorations n lightings compared to the previous one. So pheww~ we entered Safari! Frankly, it was my very first time entering a club. Hohoho. No make-ups no nothing, we only planned to have fun among ourselves. :)

If two who get married MUST do like this, me n ying were married then.

It was amazingly fun. But i still think those are not my type of place. Dancing as crazily as you want to was sooo enjoyable that you will automatically forget almost everything. Are there any possibilities that smoking will be strictly prohibited in clubs in the future? Okay im being a lil silly over here i know.

Sigh. Happy moments passes extraordinarily soon, as usual. We enjoyed. We had fun. And it's time to face the reality once again. ACCA. FR? AA? FM? OMG. >.<

Dedicated to Satlaisers ~ <3

I don't remember why. And I don't remember how. WE, as in Delwyn the President, Rina, Tong, Yan, Ru, me, Ee Lin, Kisin, Xiao Yun, Pei Vern, Ying Chee and Yee Chan (and also Stellie n HuiHua), formed a "committee" called SATLAISERS. It was supposed to be Satlai-sers, if you know cantonese you should be able to figure out the meaning behind it. Yup, we're crazy, we're silly, we're fun, we did quite a number of stupid stuffs...or should i say "satlai stuff" instead? and so we had so much unforgettable memories back then during secondary time!

It's been a week all of us are back to the places we're studying after weeks of holiday. Really really miss the time we spent together ~ Hereby im posting some pics on our BBQ nite =)

Wing, Sam and cy~

Tongisid posing with her YUMMY "si-ham"~ *cough*

lang bei de LUM JI YAN !!

Family portrait =)

They are freaking cool, arent they? LOL.

Introducing Mr.CY who wasn't in the gang initially :p

Diff personality, diff dreams, diff attitude, same wide smiles.

My bestie. I regret i did not hug back that nite T___T

Na~this is the President! Delwyn Low Yi Wen :)
having you beside when watching movie is wayyy more fun!


You've slimmed down so much la CHOW ZHEN RU !
Eat healthily aite, dont skip meals no more!!

Of all the members in Satlaisers, some have already left M'sia, Yan is leaving next month for Aussie and some are leaving months later for US n UK, and of course some are gonna remain in Msia~ Separate physically, but not mentally i hope. Satlaisers for life! Cheers.