Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I JUST dropped my phone ! Was kind of rushing home after class just now, carrying two big files on my left hand and as i wanted to take out the phone from the pouch i used to put my phone, to reply a text, it slipped onto the floor! T_T Blame the heavy files? or blame the one who texted me? Hmmmm.. This is the first time i dropped it since i bought it. Failed to break Andrew's 3 months record. and liyun darling~i've lose. Sighhhhh....

Anyways i'm here to do some update on my life. 43 has led me to an option of 3 or 4. And i chose 4 out of the two options. Thank you!-if you're supporting me. Otherwise, just don't make any comments, cause i've decided. :)

Due to the change of circumstances and reasons, i'm attending class for one of the subjects in kL every mondays nite. And because i don't have a car (i don't even hav a license YET anyway), i had no choice but to take public transport there every week. It's not too bad long as it doesnt rain. It's what i thought initially...

Until last Monday, i finished class at 9.30pm. Lecturer actually dismissed the class around 9.20pm, i quickly made my way to the Pasar Seni bus station to wait for the bus back to my place. After bout 15mins of waiting, the bus finally arrived! I was like so happy and relieved, cause i was alone that time. Who knows? The driver refused to open the door. He went down and had his break instead! He'd been working for a long day, everyone knows. It's OKAY if he were to take 5 to 10 mins off, but guess wat? he took bout 30mins! Oh goshhh...

10pm is like one of the peak hours when it comes to public transport. Tuition and everything normally ends at this time and shopping centres close around this time too. There was such a long queue waiting to board the bus can? He did not give a damn at all, conveniently standing somewhere near the bus and started smoking all the way. What the hack right.

One problem with us Malaysians is that we don't normally voice it out when something shouldnt be happenning happens. We tend to think adversely positive. Tell you what, from the minute the driver went off, i knew it's not gonna be a short break as i've experienced the same thing in Kelana Jaya station. 10 mins passed, i told myself 'hmmm perhaps he's gonna return in just another 5 mins..shall just wait instead of going for a complaint or something. but If he never returned after 5 mins i'm really gonna go to him!'

Well.. another 5 mins passed. And i still stood at the same place, thinking the same thing again. Was i being positive? Yea i think i was. So by the time i reach my place, it's already eleven o'clock. I had nothing to say...this is where i belong to. But for sure, i'm not gonna stay here anymore once i have the ability to move outta here, probably after i step out and earn a living all by myself.

It's getting tougher and tougher. I mean my life. 3 months plus to go before another turning point comes. Shall adapt to all these ASAP so that i don't get frustrated easily like the past few weeks, after the 'dooms day'.

Thanks cc, you're positive! and i hope with the presence of you in my life, I'll eventually become more optimistic as well. =) And and Bryan Chan~i still cannot view your blog lah.....

Till den.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I feel terrible.
My bad for not taking Pt1 seriously.
Not studying Audit and categorized it as something i already learnt in CAT. complacent is the word i must say.... So wrong !
If you rmbr, i said i felt like crying when i sit for my T8 Final.
Today the same feeling strikes again..... owh well.

Results day Countdown : 3 days - pray pray pray.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

CNY comes and goes

It has come to an end. Well maybe not yet... It's the holiday of mine that had ended. Tonight is the last night of me being in hometown before going back to Sunway and face the reality once again. Results day on the 16th. And then by 17th, everything will be settled, whether it's as expected or the other way round. Think positively...that's what everyone says.

I have lots of relatives. But only meet up during cny and other special ocassions such as weddings, grannies' birthdays etc. When i was still a kid, i always look forward to meeting them, even it's once a year. Especially the cousins. Something i realised few days back, i was actually feeling a little pressured to meet all of them. My heart was beating extraordinary fast when i was about to reach the destination where i was supposed to meet everyone. Do not know whether im using the right word...pressured? farny. wat is so pressuring about meeting relatives?

Seriously i don't know.
Perhaps it's the course i'm taking. the questions the uncles will flood me with. the uncertainties of being where i'm and where i will be in erm..? one and a half yr's time? or 2 weeks later, if you're looking at something closer to current.

've got one cousin brother. He was furthering his Masters in UK. Did not succeed. And it's a hot topic among the relatives. I mean, every single one of them. That's because his mom was throwing a cny party at their house that day. One thing i notice, you should not fail, must not fail, can not fail when you're in a big family. Where everyone is looking and checking on ur achievements....and failures, from time to time.

Maybe you'll be telling me, who cares what other people say, how other people look at you, it's their rights and it's your life. I've been telling others this way too. But then again, it's always much much more easy to be said than done. Hah, till here...i think you've started to worry bout me, thinking that i'm being overly pessimistic right. No? Prove me wrong den..

Emo stuffs aside, this cny i only get to catch up with the Satlaisers on the first day of cny. Was away to my mom's hometown for a few days, and missed the fun they had. Aihs i missed the chance to go party on the second day. T.T And missed the chance to meet Pei vern whom i've lost contact with for one year. Luckily there are still pictures, that i can at least catch up with the most recent outer looks of those i did not get to meet. Two photos taken on cny, spot the big pimple on my face...if your eyes are sharp enough. i think it is obvious enough though..

cy's house

eelin's house

Well, this year, surprisingly, i watched both the cny movies before i back to college. The first one-the hk one, with my Satlaisers and the second one-the singaporean's, with my mom and dad. Both equally average..too simple a plot i would say. But it's cny movies, so yea....

I don't know why m i staying up so late. it's almost 0330 now for your info. And i had not clicked the button 'Publish Post' although i've scribbled enough to the length i planned to post.

The night seems longer than usual tonight. Have not packed anything yet though mom was urging and nagging since morning. Well.. once again, i dont know what am i saying..

Better to put a stop here before i'm typing some things that i shouldnt be typing :p Bus at 2.30pm tomorrow. Was actually alone when i bought the ticket. then Mong Lan told me she is in the same bus with me ! so, lucky me..not alone. but then shes with her sister. so.. still alone.

Is this gonna be a sleepless night? Maybe yes and maybe not. And i would like to say something here: Everyone, please get yourself energized to face THE life again back in Sunway. See ya people around. Ciao !

p/s: Happy Birthday, Rayven ! :D