Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Performance Measurement and Monkeys

Yesterday my lect was discussing on Performance Measurement.

He said, location is one of the important factors in determining the performance of one company. A company in KL definitely will be performing better than a co in Pahang. "Any representatives from Pahang in this class?? .... but of course it's another story lahh if you're selling nuts. Sell to the monkeys there yea.. *laughs* "

=.= It's so insulting !

One thing i can assure you, you won't see monkeys crossing the road when you're driving halfway in Pahang. You won't see monkeys gather along the roadside either. Pahang, though it's not as well-developed as KL, it's not full of Monkeys everywhere alright....

And even if there are plenty of monkeys, do you think they have got the ability to actually buy nuts from companies? oh please....

Friday, April 24, 2009

should this be a :) post or a :( post?

Mock is over
Final is 'round the corner. =.=

Pretty amazed by myself today. I basically slept for 3 hours last nite and went to sit for 2 papers today. F5, my phobia, my weakness, the one which created an imperfection to my record, the one i've never liked and i doubt that i will ever will, yet i need to get through it no matter what. =.=

What i meant i'm pretty amazed by myself is that though i go for classes in Kasturi every week but i never bothered revising it at all. No homework no tests no nothing. Then last nite, i decided to go for Mock for that particular paper cuz i thought... "ahhh no matter wat, i hav to face it, might as well give it a try in Mock itself, rather than in Final, since the format had already changed" Don't know where comes the motivation, i studied f5 for the whole nite and was able to wake up at 5.30am (normally i wont be able to do that...)

And yea.. u lose something in order to gain something. I decided to forego F9 for this one time...... Did not study much though some obvious tips were given. Pretty screwed up but.... I realised up till today, i'm still having the same problem for f5, it's time management.

(60mins x 3) / 5 questions = 36 mins/question
so i thought.. ahhh no problem la! i started with 2 full theory questions cuz for the past exams, i've been doing computations first which tend to exceed the time limit for every question, and at the end i can't complete theory questions. Marks have been thrown away just like that.. Today i found that even if i limit myself accurately for every question, i still can't finish.

People normally have problems with theory but me..like any other people, i always thought computations would never be my problem, but yes. It is. =.= Now that i'm clear of my deadly weakness, the only way is to practise more n more questions. But sources are limited. so yea ...

Nyway i'm going out soon! And will be watching a movie~can't remember the name though... lol.. hope it will be nice. if it's nice definitely will recommend it here =)

Btw, rest well these few days, people! a long chain of EDC classes are welcoming us =.= ciao!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hey people.. yea this blog is abit dead i know.. but pls bear with me these few months.. i don't have the time, and also, my life is totally-not-so-colourful right now and there's basically nothing i can blog about. This post is dedicated to my frens who have been worrying about me, who have been asking so often whether i'm doing okay. And most importantly to my sista who is so far away from me now, n also Lum Ji Yan ! :) I miss all of u very much..and i promise myself that i will make sure that i'm strong enough to overcome wats coming and not letting u guys worry about me.

It's all about ME. Me me me and just me. (took these photos while waiting for someone to fetch me out hehe)

I am a ACCA student. I am silly.
I act like a kid. =.=

I don't know it's cuz of stress or what. or mayb it's my mom who pass down to me, i always have headache. especially during hot sunny weather. goshh.. it's killing me. what if i hav headache the day before my final? *touch wood* :x

I am who i am. i dont bother whether u like me or not.
I wont stop being myself bcuz of you.

Mock will be on the week after next week. and the final another month later. Wish me luck! Will update again ASAP i promise! And stop worrying about me! i'm fine :) take care ppl.