Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Have u ever feel so drained and worn out
that when you close your eyes to sleep
you wonder if you'll still be alive the next morning.

And then the alarm rings in the morning
you wonder if you're dreaming or already in somewhere far.

And you open your eyes
and realise that u're still alive ! you say to urself 'Thank God!'

Pretty miserable that 4 days of F5 revision
where he drilled us like hell
He said,

"This sitting f5 yea, is gonna be an easy paper! it's a one off paper he wants to pull up the passing % so that he can remains at the examiner position. If you still fail, you should consider whether or not , ACCA is the right choice that you should pursue."

Darn. I am still so unprepared for this paper.
practically im not prepared for every single paper to be frank

God's arrangement, one more f5 class this saturday
which means i'll have to travel by bus to that hell place
getting myself tired enough and sleep for another 2 days
before i prepare for my Audit ? damn damn damn.
What an arrangement.

Whatever it is, IT is here already
no point worrying, or grumbling or complaining
Just face it !
calmly n steadily =.= which i always fail to do if u know me enough.

PD~~ ahhh my motivator right now ! trip trip trip. *smiles*
Should i go for prom?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Down with fever.....

And f5 revision is supposed to start tmr itself. gonna b continuous 4 days

Classes is not the tiring part, it's the long way there. by bus =.=

Just taken panadol and going to bed.

Hope it gets better before it's too late.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Will be going back to Sunway tmr
5 days hav passed, real fast sigh.
will not be updating until final is over
so can safely leave my blog out when u're blog hopping.
All the best people. Hope for the best for all of us.

p/s: i miss you :(

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Opinion Needed ~

Kawan-kawan sekalian yang membaca-ing blog ini,

Can i ask for some opinions?
Er. I'm in confusion now. whether to cut my hair.
The length of my hair now, i really heart it alot
but, the weather is so damn hot, it's like a burden to me
plus, because it's so long, there's some indications that
it's unhealthy. quite dry dy the root. hahaha facing
Going Concern problem XD

What stopping me from going to the hairdresser
is that
i'm afraid that i'll end up regretting
cuz every time i cut i will feel regret, dun really like shorter hair
but takkan i whole life not to cut my hair again right?
And, the coming Prom, i'm not sure whether i'll be going
if i were to go, it's better with my current length of hair
easier to make nice nice hairstyles.
Hmmm.. how le how le?
If i'm cutting, i'll cut in Kuantan
cuz cheaper and more worth it.. Hehehhehe
Opinions needed yea!!! TQ!
0041 and I just taken bath.
Reached Kuantan around 8.30pm just now
which was considered as damn fast, express!
3 hrs+ only, normally it takes 3.5 or 4 hrs.
Hmm, Dad and Mom brought me to one of my fav restaurants
for dinner just now. Ahhh i love HERE !

no other place feels like home.
i feel so good so comfy so joyful so happy
to be home!
And yea, it was hard for me to fall asleep last nite
mayb cuz i was too excited... :p

This time around can't ajak ppl go yamcha thru here dy
as currently i'm just allowing 9 readers
Ha ha . Will be keeping this blog privatised all the way till
one day i don't feel like writing anymore.
Be proud yea if u're reading this now
cuz i value you as the VIPs in my heart. :)

Feeling kinda tired now
and i'm sleeping soon
thinking what time should i wake up tomorrow
definitely can't be too late
as i need to kind of show to my mom
that i come back is not for HOLIDAY. =P
So, i shall plan what topics to study tomorrow.
Huhu one more month. 4 papers. Bad attitude of studying
And great desire of passing, without putting high level of effort
It's me, and i'm the only one.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When frustration strikes....

Bus ticket clearly stated 3.30pm KL-Kuantan.

Yet when i went to the boarding counter to check which platform to wait for my bus, the board shows that the next bus to Kuantan is at 4.30pm !! Curiously, i approached the person in-charged. A typical M*lay uncle of course, zzz. He just answered me "empat setengah, bukan tiga setengah dah.. "

What is this supposed to mean? the "dah" really frustrates me to the extent that i feel like scolding bad words right to his face.

It's not that the bus is delayed due to some maintenance stuffs like what i experienced one year back. This time, they give no reason for the change of time. Damn. What if people have got urgent stuffs to their destinations, and the departing time just happen to change like this??!

What the hell. I think this kind of things only will happen here. In Malaysia, when pigs are all around. Brainless species i show no respects at all.

And yeah, i'm using the wireless service in Puduraya itself. And i'm surrounded by bunch of THEM, Gosh. i wonder when i will leave this place, and free myself from all these unnecessary frustration. For God's sake! I m having headache!
Holding the bus ticket
I'm still in disbelief
that i'm going home in another 20 minutes
Didnt expect this time i'd had succeeded in persuading my mom
perhaps using the excuse of Mothers' Day
wasnt that bad an idea afterall
or it wasn't really an excuse actually.
I want to go home
I need to go home
I miss my place like mad.

Being at a place that doesnt belong to me
doesnt suit me
for a long period of time
does really makes me feel like leaving
and not to come back again
but i have no choice, do i?
Five days are short
but it's long enough for me
to feel the warmth i need
from home
in order to move on with life.

Opting to go back this week
can be considered as
giving myself holidays
and also can be said as
i'm running away from stuffs
that bring me headaches
stress, tension etc.
I just simply need a break
from all these and
free my mind from the hectic life here
for a moment.

Everytime we're brought back to each other
We'll be pulled away from each other even farther
The distance is meant to be there
It won't disappear no matter what
Keeping it all the time
to ensure there's no huge change of mood
so that our lives are not disturbed by each other.
We're not meant to be. Not even best friends.

I realise the saying
" be with someone u can't live without,
not someone u can live with. "
It's so true.
I think i've found that person.
And i knew i've made a mistake.
To make things right,
it takes time
Be patient.

Monday, May 4, 2009

It's time

It's about time. Or it already is.
I'm closing up once again.
Don't know why i feel like this every time the exam is near.
I always feel it's the best to do things alone.
This path is meant to be walked alone eh ?
I'm scared, and at the same time i wan to get over it fast.
F8 revision is over, gosh thats unbelievable
Lucky me to hav met Mr Philip Woo b4 entering the exam hall
" Doing things that you dislike is called Growing Up. " =)

Study , study , and study is what i should be doing.
D N D . you should concentrate too !

I need a reason to live.
Please appear in my life ASAP . I'm dying to meet youuuuuu ! :(