Friday, June 19, 2009


Feeling super down right now. Mom was upset. This time around, it wasnt because of me. It's brother. He bang onto someone's car today. And he called back to seek advice from dad, to find out the right ways to negotiate with the Malays the car belonged to.

Was happily welcoming dad n mom back home just now, and that was when i found out the news. Though it wasn't a serious accident, in fact it's very very the minor, just havta compensate that fella few hundreds then everything is settled. Yet, my mom kept blaming my bro. Yeap she had been warning him not to drive so fast, must keep a reasonable distance from the car in front bla bla bla. But!! Accident may occur anytime wert! There's a possibility anytime anywhere, as long as u drive out to the roads! What's the point of blaming this and that to the person who is already feeling so bad for bringing up the mess?? I really don't get it.

If by blaming, things can be solved, I will blame too!! but obviously it doesn't help at all!! but what can i do? what can i say? It's rude to tell that to her. All i can do was just to sit aside and keep quiet. I don't know what else can be done, when bro called back again at night just now, Mom was again scold scold scold and scold when the one bro was talking to was my dad ! mom just keep nagging beside dad, which was so so so annoying ! My goodness. If all these do not happen, there wont be learning for the kids, isnt it ? It's Okay, isn't it?

Aih, perhaps one day when i am at her position i will feel differently. Anyway, just want to express it out here! Down down down !! Texted you just now, actually wanted to tell these to you, but feels that typing it out in sms-es is way too difficult. I know you will read this somehow also. :)


Laughter is da best medicine, hence :

Some of us took our friend, an older woman, out to lunch to celebrate her birthday. When the waitress came to take our orders, one of the women told her, "This is a special ocassion. Elsie is 92 today."

The waitress made seven instant enemies and one friend by asking, "Which one is Elsie?"

able to digest?
no? go and take a nap :)

Nites people. I must sleep early today!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu (KPP)

.....well the title. It's Undang Class prior to sitting for the test in order to get my driving license. Yes, don't be surprised, i've got no license up till now.. :(

Last nite, i planned to sleep by twelve o'clock one, cuz need to wake up early this morning. However, since i was home alone, was busy playing this and that on the net, without realizing the passing of time, i slept at 4am again, as usual... den this morning gotta wake up at 7! ZZZ !! So so so suffering! but i asked for it. so.. =X

Dizzily woke up and walked down to make a cup of coffee, cuz my eyes really couldnt open, as in it's opened at this second and closed the next second uncontrollably. Luckily i didn't roll down the stairs, if not i might be in coma state for hours and nobody will realise cause parents will only be back this evening. Owh they went KL for meeting. So yea.. i came back from kl and they left me for KL. Pathetic eh? not really la. kinda enjoy the freedom :)

My instructor fetched me at 9am, he was being quite punctual, abit unexpected though.. Reached the place the lecture was held in 15mins, the hall was like so full ady! i can only spot empty places at the first row. Goddamnit. I was like a freaking sleepyhead and u're asking me to sit at the first row for 6 hours?! YOU SURE??? no choice la..takkan i wanna sit on the floor rite. Ish.

I then end up sitting at the first row, right in front of the talk giver. *speechless* Tried so hard to open my eyes..and also earS!! Gosh ! today was like the very first time since i finished my SPM to listen to Malay for such long hours!! Quite sufferring ! You know lah, since college life started everyday also listen to English or Chinese only. Totally no Malay. And den today the speaker spoke fluent Malay somemore! It was fastly spoken like the machine gun. (translate it directly to mandarin, tq)

Tough hours finally over and i finally back to home. "ear root silent and peaceful" (translate directly to mandarin too, tq) . Apologies, only these chinese words are able to describe what i wanted to express, yet i don't feel like writing the whole thing in chinese in my chinese blog today, so kindly bear with me. =)

So...will be sitting for the test next Wednesday. People have been telling me sure pass one lah...HAHA i hope so. I've been sleepin in class just now, so i think there's a need to really study for it. Well, till den. Ta.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chinyin came to town !

Surprised by the title?
Emiko that is, but call her Chinyin, or Cy today onwards ok! :)

She practically texted me at 8.53am, which was 4 hrs after i gone to bed. So surely, that text failed to wake me up. Read da msg at 10++am n dragged myself up cuz we're going out !!! YESH ! I miss my course mates so much! And here comes one. She purposely come and find me one..damn gam dong :p

We went for movie after helping her aunt to buy a brand new phone. We decided which one to buy in less than 5 mins, afterall it's not our phone, so si dan lah.. :D What movie we watched?? It's 17 again!! huhu, i've been looking fwd to watching this show since, hmmm last yr end? Well, today i finally get to watch it!! though the cinema is abit cacat compared to KL's... hehehe wooz i miss Cineleisure! (though i only been there once) .

Zac Efron is the leading actor, everyone knows. From High School Musical to 17 Again, finally i see something different from him. Much better, i would say. The saying "the more you expect, the more disappointed you'll be". This...doesn't apply to me as for this show. Cause it was awesome! Simple story line, no complications or any suspense, yet it's so touching.

People have been grumbling, "What if i did not marry this woman....." , "What if i did not choose this course at the first place...." , "What if i didn't know him from the start....", "What if i'm rich...", "What if i have chosen another road 10yrs back?...."

Yes, at times, you'll start to think alot, what if this and what if that, will your life be much better compared to now? It's normal. However, when you're given a chance to go through the past again, are you sure you will choose another road instead, and then face another very different "NOW" ? Doubtful isn't it. Just treat the path you've chosen as the best you could get, and you'll be much happier.

If you've met The One, you will be able to feel his/her presence even though the look on his/her face might be totally different from what it's supposed to be. And, see through his/her eyes, you know..Yes, it's the one ! :)

Whoever havin holiday ryte now, i recommend this movie to you. It does really worth a watch...or twice. :D

After the movie, we went somewhere... you must go if you ever come to Ktn!! The beach!! It definitely wasn't my first time there, but i realised i'd not been there for quite a long time, and i realised how much i miss the beach! WooHooo the wind !

Cute lah she.. We only planned to go play water, and she insisted that she wanna go home take towel~ does she looks like a modern Mama? Oops =X

She is damn smart weih.. u know y? She rmbred to take towel but forgot to change her pants. Hence the need to fold fold fold. :p

This is how excited she was. Haha.

Got a random passer-by asked if we're sisters. -.-

And this is the random passer-by who requested to take pic with us. Lol. All she mentioned was MOS in Sunway. damn swt wey. and she even took cy's number so that next time can go MOS together ! Goshh.. it's a stranger ok! Ha.

We only need a few Bestfriends and it's all that matters.

Monkey~~this is only one of THEM !! see how near it is? The sor poh memang don't scare that it will attack us and grab the camera one. Hahahha. luckily my cam is still safe n sound.

That was really a good day. Had so much fun together. Gosh i realised how stupid i was to perceive that i've got nothing in common with her and therefore nothing much to be talked about. A good friend doesn't need to have things in common with you, but the heart that counts. The willingness to listen and be there for you. :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Clarification. Believe it or not, ur choice.

I'm back to Kuantan from Genting ! few hours ago...

It scares me to realise even after i've privatised my blog, theres still Anonymous leaving some words in my chatbox. Great. One of the very few people that i trust is not pleasant with me currently. Who exactly are you, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, i don't want to know...

Yes, i admit that i had been bad in handling my relationship stuffff. It also true that i've hurt people. But i ain't fa sum like what you mentioned. If you don't know me, just shut up and mind your own business. Don't judge me when you don't even know me, when you don't even know the real situation. But to realise you're one of the few people i considered as important to me, it's kinda disappointing.

I don't need to ensure everyone is pleased with me, but i do need to make sure there's no misunderstanding, no misjudgement. You, please come and talk to me when you see me, ask whatever that you want to don't need to tell me u're the Anonymous, but pls!! get info directly from me! and not listen simply to others! which may be untrue!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It's over !
But.. doesnt hav a single bit of happiness at all.
Hang out with darlin liyun at Pyramid just now
so lonely, only 2 of us..
others, went back i think. And some hav got their own activities.

I'm finally HERE, can online whenever i wan to
Can watch whichever movie or drama i wan to
Can lie on the bed whenever i wan to
be it daydreaming or sleeping
I know i will have 2 great weeks ahead.
And that's all i know

Whatever happens after the 2 weeks
i don't want to think about it as of now
Which papers to be taken next sem
It needs thorough consideration in these 2 weeks though
At first planned to go for P2 n P3
now that it's highly likely i Will F f7
not sure whether i should enrol for P2. :(

I'm dead tired. didnt know im that tired
till i closed my eyes at foyer while waiting for darlin's dad to reach
Gosh, i need to sleep
yet i dont feel like sleeping right now
So many things are running in my mind
but i dont want to be emo over it
let's not talk about that
Anyway thanks Darlin, for listening to me for hours just now :P

Btw, heading to Genting again in 2 days time
with dad mom and auntie.
It's gonna be boring i can foresee it
as im not interested in going into the casino again
Guess i'll just go and catch one or two movies alone there

Anyway happy holiday ppl.
Even if not that happy, lets cheers for IT'S OVER least for now..