Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Got no classes at all this whole week other than the 3 hours i had in kasturi for Audit this afternoon. I'm pretty bored of such life. It's all about classes, exams, revisions, once-in-a-while hangouts. Nothing else..Nothing! And especially when you're only handling 2 subjects, 1 being the one you're attempting for the 2nd time, there's really nothing to look forward to every day. Going back Kuantan on Thurs and hopefully my driving instructor will be able to arrange my exam to be on next Monday (yup i havent got my license yet) and coming back on Tues early morning so that i could go for class in Kasturi again at 2pm. ~.~ u got what i meant? boringgggg.

Good friends had by one. From Yan, to CY, Rina, then Del n Tong. Sighs. The noisiest ones left last 2weeks. Could only made it to send Dellie off as schedule on that 2 days were quite full. Sorry tong =( Ohya!! Eelin left few days back too! Wish them all the best. Anyways, back to the point. They're only coming back in at least one year's time..which means, New Year would be much silent compared to previous years, with the very few of us left in Kuantan. All of us are scattered apart. What to do...everyone is leaving for better opportunities.....doesn't apply to my course though. hmmm..

Doing Audit AGAIN is really not good at all.. Scanning thru the pages with the same old facts will only make you doesn't feel like continuing. But sad thing is it's not an option to me. I need strength, i need motivation..or perhaps a senior's guidance? Unfortunately i have none... ahhh sry this is another uninteresting post. Off to bed now, tarrrrrr.

*perhaps there will be something to look fwd to next week? *winks*

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hey guys.. As i mentioned, i just changed back the blogskin right..And my link list is gone!! Kindly leave a comment in the chatbox with ur link that i can link you back asap. TQ :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm feeling so happy and BLESSED to have found back this blogskin after i changed it few months ago!! I loved this , but there was a time when i was totally bored of it and wanted something plain.. But then u know.. i'm still loving it!! =) M yet to update on this blog.. change all the settings n publicize it again.. Wait till i've got a good n stable line..cant do much in hostel, well u know.. :( till den ppl! Ciao