Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Every semester starts the same way. Busy catching up with friends after the 2 or 3 weeks' break, go around photocopying textbooks, PYQs and other lecturers' notes, plenty of hangouts after classes. Then the results come up.. Lucky you if it doesnt affect you at all, else you would gotta arrange for re-sit class bla bla bla.. And before you know it, it's already mid of the semester. Then you suddenly realise you're left behind, lots of catch up work to do with your circle regarding the syllabus, but too bad, sometimes it's just too late.....

And then the exam finishes, you tell yourself next semester u're not gonna do last minute's job. You're gonna prepare early! You're gonna study consistently! You're not gonna waste time Fb-ing, gaming, chatting on msn, drama-ing. But that thoughts only stay for about 1 or 2 days. After that, back to square one. And the cycle repeats..

Plenty of stuff i regret doing last semester. Also, plenty of stuff i regret not doing.

This post was actually started on the 24th, but i didnt finish it hence i didnt post it. Reason being, I do not know how to continue further... Yesterday was the 2nd of January 2010. And it's a brand new year! Happy New Year peeps! :) And it was my first day of class for this sem, or rather, the first day of me stepping into a classroom where i wasn't supposed to be in. Yup it's Miss Menon's class again. Sad but true enough, I'm pretty sure bout the outcome that will be made known in February, after CNY. That's why the decision.

The time now is 0228, 3rd Jan. Today marks the last day of me allowing myself to stay up till this hour, not bcos of anything but indulging myself with dramas. Caz I'm meeting my mentor for the OBU project I've opted to complete this sem in the morning of 4th Jan. Some people told me it's difficult, especially if you're taking p2 while doing it. Some people told me it's pretty much easy, if you follow the mentor's instruction and spend time willingly on the research n not rushing it for nothing and get yourself absolutely mad about completing it ASAP. Well i shall find out abt that on my own very soon.

Last few days were all about celebrating his birthday and welcoming the New Year. We went to Tenji. I heard so muchhhhhhh nice comments on Tenji weih! But too bad, No, i don't think it's really that nice. Choices there were quite limited if compared to Jogoya i guess. I shan't talk too much as i haven't been to Jogoya. If you want to disagree, by all means... And the thing i kinda dissatisfied is, its web and blog says theres free flow coconuts, as he loves coconut drinks very much, thats one thing attracted me to pay a visit there, who knows!! Yea, it's free flow, but it's like the scarce resources...uh u learned that in Costing didnt u? We only managed to get 1 for each of us =.="

As i don't eat sashimi (juvin said dunno how come ppl can say they love sushi when they dont eat sashimi, uh im one of those ppl =p) , i expected more on their tempuras and 'normal' sushi. A huge huge disappointment. They were like seemed to be so not inviting to me. And we couldnt even find a single piece of cooked Unagi. Wat la ~.~ But, there were few types of chinese soup which were nice, herbal soup to be specific. Tom yum shabu-shabu soup was nice too. Basically those nice food were all not Japanese food. What an irony huh. It's named Japanese Buffet.

Anyway anyway, sis just dated me to go Jogoya with her on the 1st of Feb! Wee~ perhaps something to look forward to despite the saddening fact that my life is gonna be real miserable once I accept the task from my mentor tomorrow. =S

I'll be in Group 1, guys.. cant be attending P1 with y'all. But i'll be in college, so do rmbr to find me xD

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Decide for me pls

Parent is here, i've an idea thas to ask them bring my laptop back to Kuantan so that i wouldnt need to carry it home when i take bus back after exam. Question is, can i stand the boredom without my lappie here in hostel? And also, will it helps me to concentrate better w/o laptop?.....or worse? I rmbr how sleepy i was last sem when i had no laptop with me, and i ended up sleeping whenever i feel bored. But now it's like few days to my first paper, and another week to the next paper, it should be okay right? Right? Anyone who is reading this...pls gimme some suggestions haHA