Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Art of Communicating

I said, " STRESSSSS !!!! :( :( :( "

X said, " you asked for it. who ask you to choose 4? "

me : I don't really hav a choice, do i ? Just doesnt want to carry forward the disaster which had already taken place.

X : Oh, then i cant help you...

me : .........

back to the above, i said " STRESSED!! "

Y said, " don't worry, you'll be fine. be positive and don't doubt yourself! "

me : but... it's too heavy. i'm feeling hard to breathe at times.

Y : you've made the decision, so keep walking and dont look back.

me : hmmmmmm....


People don't grumble for no reason. When I complained, i don't actually ask for a solution as what X thought. I was just trying to release the stress and emotion verbally. It does make me feel better! Whoever that read the book 'Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus' should be able to get me. But then, the Y above is not a woman though..

Y was trying to reassure. Of course i do know there's no such thing as by no hard work at all, one can succeed. The same goes to reassurance. It's not like when someone reassures you, you'll definitely face no trouble to overcome the hardships ahead. But by talking like Y, one can make another feels much better. At least at that point of time.

X has absolutely no idea how huge a difference he can make by talking like Y instead of the way he was talking previously. Everyone is alone in this world. We come alone and go alone. But everyone needs someone. To listen. A pair of ears which is so willing to be lended whenever it's needed...

Apart from sister, and of course daddy, when will i meet that 'someone', who will be patiently listening to me? Someday.....i suppose.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Another "surprise" !! sigh...

Was experiencing some sort of tooth-pain last weekend. Went to the dentist on Tuesday. Guess what, i was told that the tooth of mine which caused the pain has actually died! >.< !! First time ever!...i've never heard of teeth can DIE. Have you?

i was then, given 2 options. first, to extract the tooth. and the second, to undergo a root canal treatment. what a scientific term huh, i hate science! i don't bother to know a single thing about it until i do really need it. Mr. Dentist explained to me things i should have known, but i was too shocked at that time to ask further questions. hence, i've just done some research about it myself due to the fact that i might be going for the treatment next week itself. haih.

Here are the infos i got. People who care, pls read.. =(

A root canal treatment is the last attempt to help save a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted. If the nerve becomes affected by decay, or due to a deep filling, extreme wear, a fracture of the anatomical crown, or due to a knock on the tooth, this can cause the nerve to become infected. Once the nerve has become infected, it will eventually die off, and with time the tooth may become symptomatic.

Signs include a pimple on the gum next to the tooth, looseness of the tooth, and and symptoms include pain especially due to heat or tapping the tooth, the pain can be lingering and occur spontaneously. There may also be throbbing especially when bending, lying or running, and the tooth ache can awake you from your sleep.

Root canal treatment has been unfairly branded in the past as a painful procedure. The tooth in question will be anaesthetised at each and every appointment. After each visit it is normal to have some post-operative discomfort, which could last a few days. Take a mild pain killer if you need to, and antibiotics if they have been prescribed for you.

Your root canal treatment may be done in one or more sittings depending on the shape and number of roots. Essentially there are three steps involved: 1) removing the nerve i.e. only the nerves are removed, the roots remain,2) shaping and cleaning the root canals and finally 3) filling the root canals with a rubber filling material. After a probationary period to see that the tooth is settling, your tooth should be crowned to afford it protection.

Seriously i don't know what the hack is going on.. my life is messed up enough since the 16th of Feb. And now this....

Sometimes i just couldn't stop myself from thinking.. why me?

Of all the people, why me?