Saturday, November 6, 2010


P5 revision started today. It will last for 3 days, which means it ends on Monday. And hopefully that would mark the end of my ACCA study life. At last i met my mentor today, and passed up my work to her during the break that Mr.Mike gave to us around 11. Seeing her after approximately 1 year, was kinda nervous initially, but there really wasnt anything to be afraid of. Well, after spending months on the project, and facing computer most of the time, i find myself more difficult to concentrate well on the books. Whenever i face the books for bout an hour (or less), i will get so lazy and ended up doing something else. So fail.....

I don't wanna follow the path of some of them who failed their one last paper, and needed to spend another 6 months in college. No way man.. Luck, pls be with me! And of course, i need persistence and determination more than luck to be honest. Zzz P7 revision was a wake up call, realised i'm totally unprepared. If well prepared is 100%, i'm probably at the 20% stage. Yes, it's that bad. Come to think of it, exam's in a month's time. Crazy. FOCUS GIRL !

Friday, October 15, 2010


there's this ad of b.liv on my blog the other day. such a coincidence that made me smile :)

an email from oskic

Ngeks. finally received this =)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Results released today. I'm upset that you didnt get thru again. But nothing could be done as that is a fact that couldnt be changed. Hope you stand up again real soon and go to work! Pls pls pls go to work and stop wasting time no more! I know it very well, they still have high hopes on you. It's just the matter of time for you to prove to everyone that you're capable. Please do not give up, we're always with you kor..

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Birth of PT3

In my 3 and a half years of Uni life till date, this semester is the first time ever, my Head of Dept implemented PT3! We used to hav PT1, PT2 n Mock but not PT3! Probably this is due to the high absence rate of student in those tests. PT3 is aimed at those student who were absent for both PT1 n PT2, or both their marks for PT1 n PT2 were below 30. I personally think that the whole thing is absolutely useless, reason being, they only inform the student about it 1 week b4 the test, oh to be exact, 4days b4.

Yes, student should be studying consistently. But tradition will tell us that the next test would be Mock, which is 3 weeks away from now, and it's human nature to focus more when the important dates are near. What can the student do in these 3 or 4 days? prepare like 50% of the scope? or less than that? It simply defeat the purpose of having it. If only they inform earlier.

Well thank god i don't fall into any of the categories mentioned above. So i don't need to attend PT3 =) Was so tempted to skip P7 PT2 the other day due to lack of preparation, but luckily i went. Or else i don't know how am i suppose to sit for it since i'm currenly super duper busy with my OBU project! Charts drawing is crap, i dont know how to use Excel! lol will continue to explore tomorrow!

My mentor set deadline for me on the 6th of Oct. Wondered is it because she knew my birthday is on the 7th? Haha anyway i'm quite glad with i can absolutely go on celebration without the worries of meeting deadline by then...


Sometimes it's not that i dont wanna update this bloggie. It's that at times, i forget the fact that i HAve a blog bcoz most of the time updates are enough on Twitter. so bear with me.. It's either i dont update at all, or i'll suddenly update alot :D ohya twitter users! follow me on twitter @ evelyntang90! till den. xoxo

Friday, October 1, 2010

OSK Investment Challenge (OSKIC)

OSKIC has finally ended. It began from 16/8 till today, 32 market days in total. For those who hav no idea what is oskic, it's an investment competition organised by OSK Investment Bank whereby we're all given virtual capital of RM100,000 to begin with. We could trade up to the value of the virtual money on hand.

Initially i was abit reluctant to take part in this game because to me, it will take up so much of my time. "Study time" if u're positive that i'll study if i nvr play this, which i'm doubtful about lol. First two weeks of the game, i was just simply buying those shares that my parents did mentioned to me at home, such as genting, genm, airasia, mas those la.. didnt make money, indeed, i was running at a loss, meaning my portfolio is below rm100k. Then i begin to find it boring and couldnt find the meaning of playing anymore since i wont be getting any cert or whatsoever with such low portfolio. (I only care about getting a certificate of participation, and not those prizes).

Oh forgot to mention, each and every1 who logged in for at least 75% of the trading days will b given a cert. And those who achieved portfolio of rm105k would be given a Merit cert, and above rm120k would b given a Distiction cert.

As i mentioned, i stopped playing after 2 weeks or so..until last friday, for god knows what reason, i started playing again, with the bf beside. We bought the same shares. This time around, those cheaper shares and we made pretty observable profits that day. Since then i started playing on my own. Today, with the conclusion of the competition, I've successfully got myself a distinction =)

And also, i've achieved my personal target of hitting rm150k ! Pretty good experience i would say. This is the first time i participate in this game and also would be the last chance of me being able to take part too, since probably next year's today, i would b busy working already. And i'm looking fwd to working! dont get me wrong :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Result came out n i passed. i was so happy yesterday but not until i realised i'm going to attend p7 class alone tomorrow. i feel down when i dont get thru, but i hate it even more when ppl around me are leaving me bcoz they didnt get thru. some of them the marks really so damn close to passing already, but reality is that there's no sympathy marks given in acca.

Tomorrow will mark the first day of me attending p7 alone, without dear and also chin yew. since the beginning of this sem, we've been sitting together and this is the first semester i actually go to class at 7am before the guard even arrive, just to secure 3 places for 3 of us in the pathetically crowded lt6! cant imagine how is it like to attend p7 this boring subject alone without any1 to talk to when im bored n also during the break. perhaps a sign from the above asking me to make some new frens around. i duno. but i just dun like this.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Urghhh im feeling so anxious i dont know what to say! Result for last semester will b out in like 4 hrs time! zzz update again after gotten it! Hope i can pass all 4!!!! PLS let me sail thru all the 4!! =(


I checked the results at 0500 BST! FUH ! All PASS'es. i totally can't believe my eyes! doing 4 papers at this level is like committing suicide one of my lecturers used to say! My marks are not very high but nevermind the marks. I'm damn happy for need not repeat any papers n i really feel blessed!

Now i just wanna finish OBU asap n concentrate on the last 2 papaers n PASS again! Yayaaaa!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

after such a long time rite..

I wan to be better! I think i can definitely do better than what i am doing! 4 papers! so wat! just keep going! i know things will turn out to be fine, and i am more than capable to pass all the papers!!!

But ytd something struck me, my PT2 for P3, i got 49!!! such a shitty marks! Reminded me of the stupid F8 paper. SHIT la. someone cursed me or what, why 49 lovessss me so much eh? I swear i DO NOT WANT TO SEE THIS MARKS IN MY FUTURE EXAM RESULTS!

Finals is approx 60 days away now. I am going to study really hard for the remaining time period! I am not going to waste so much time on FB, in the malls or stay back after class to chit chat with frens anymore. Pls pls pls let me get thru F8, that is my biggest wish this time. And of course, that doesnt mean i do not wan to pass the others. =)

Pals, dont worry about me. I have accepted the fact that i've failed one paper more than twice. I know i've always been saying that, one person cannot fail one subject for twice, i also said that i cant understand how come someone can repeat a paper for more than once and still not able to get thru. Everytime i thinkk of wat i said, i'll feel extremely upset and disappointed of myself. But guess wat, i shudn't give a damn to wat has passed. For wat i know, this will be the last chance i give to myself, Im PASSING it this round!

Few days back, saw a friend posted something on FB, it sort of enlightened me. She wrote: "Don't worry about people in your past. There's a reason why they can't make it to ur future". so very true right. I totally agree to it. =)

Lets work hard. My objective is to graduate by this Dec. Do not want to be left behind AGAIN !

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My thoughtS

I see people coming up from Fundamental level, currently doing P1 n P2 only. Sounds like so relaxed, two subjects, but it's not, it is simply not true at all! Though now she is revising F7 syllabus, i feel one should not play a fool in the class but to get serious from the start. I've been thru it..I was once at your position. I was once thinking the same way like you do. To be frank, I been dreaming in her class last sem, before the results come up coz i thought i wouldnt hav sailed thru F7. But once i got to know that i passed, i tried my level best to catch up, to follow her pace in the class, unfortunately it was not possible anymore. Whatever advice she gives in class, you must really really listen to her, she been teaching this sub for so long, no one knows the subject and the attitude of student towards the subject that will result in them failing better than her!! Don't do things she asks you not to do. Else you'll be like me. Start revising every day after you attend her class!! And not throwing the file aside once u reach home and sit in front of the computer playing games, for god's sake!!!!

I'm writing this because i really really do not agree with your attitude! And what kind of friend one mixes with will determine one's so called studies destiny.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lulu me

Okay now, im gonna tell u guys wats with the title above.

Few days ago i was in CeeCee's house. After dinner, i suddenly felt like drinking coffee! ahh so i grabbed one stick of the Old Town 3in1 Coffee on his dining table which his mom said nice. It tastes like heaven to me that moment, probably coz i really felt like drinking so much so that i broke my principle, that is- no coffee after dinner!

The next day, i went to Jusco to get myself a packet of this 3in1 Coffee. I rmbred the packaging of the one i drank was abit greenish. So i just simply grab one packet from the rack which was green without paying much attention. Yup u're right, i bought the wrong one.

The one i bought. Told you, GREEN!

The one i was supposed to buy. Vanilla colour labelled with green somewhere in the middle. I wanted natural cane sugar but i got myself hazelnut instead @@"

Bastard. Why must they use green for two different flavour rite, it's not like theres no any other colour in the world. Haha just kidding. It's my prob, i see abit of green and assume it's green. I should hav take a look anyway. Theres quite a significant difference i have to admit. @@"

I don't even know why am i posting this up. I just feel so stupid. Well, it's true that I'm Lulu.