Wednesday, April 7, 2010

after such a long time rite..

I wan to be better! I think i can definitely do better than what i am doing! 4 papers! so wat! just keep going! i know things will turn out to be fine, and i am more than capable to pass all the papers!!!

But ytd something struck me, my PT2 for P3, i got 49!!! such a shitty marks! Reminded me of the stupid F8 paper. SHIT la. someone cursed me or what, why 49 lovessss me so much eh? I swear i DO NOT WANT TO SEE THIS MARKS IN MY FUTURE EXAM RESULTS!

Finals is approx 60 days away now. I am going to study really hard for the remaining time period! I am not going to waste so much time on FB, in the malls or stay back after class to chit chat with frens anymore. Pls pls pls let me get thru F8, that is my biggest wish this time. And of course, that doesnt mean i do not wan to pass the others. =)

Pals, dont worry about me. I have accepted the fact that i've failed one paper more than twice. I know i've always been saying that, one person cannot fail one subject for twice, i also said that i cant understand how come someone can repeat a paper for more than once and still not able to get thru. Everytime i thinkk of wat i said, i'll feel extremely upset and disappointed of myself. But guess wat, i shudn't give a damn to wat has passed. For wat i know, this will be the last chance i give to myself, Im PASSING it this round!

Few days back, saw a friend posted something on FB, it sort of enlightened me. She wrote: "Don't worry about people in your past. There's a reason why they can't make it to ur future". so very true right. I totally agree to it. =)

Lets work hard. My objective is to graduate by this Dec. Do not want to be left behind AGAIN !