Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Result came out n i passed. i was so happy yesterday but not until i realised i'm going to attend p7 class alone tomorrow. i feel down when i dont get thru, but i hate it even more when ppl around me are leaving me bcoz they didnt get thru. some of them the marks really so damn close to passing already, but reality is that there's no sympathy marks given in acca.

Tomorrow will mark the first day of me attending p7 alone, without dear and also chin yew. since the beginning of this sem, we've been sitting together and this is the first semester i actually go to class at 7am before the guard even arrive, just to secure 3 places for 3 of us in the pathetically crowded lt6! cant imagine how is it like to attend p7 this boring subject alone without any1 to talk to when im bored n also during the break. perhaps a sign from the above asking me to make some new frens around. i duno. but i just dun like this.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Urghhh im feeling so anxious i dont know what to say! Result for last semester will b out in like 4 hrs time! zzz update again after gotten it! Hope i can pass all 4!!!! PLS let me sail thru all the 4!! =(


I checked the results at 0500 BST! FUH ! All PASS'es. i totally can't believe my eyes! doing 4 papers at this level is like committing suicide one of my lecturers used to say! My marks are not very high but nevermind the marks. I'm damn happy for need not repeat any papers n i really feel blessed!

Now i just wanna finish OBU asap n concentrate on the last 2 papaers n PASS again! Yayaaaa!!