Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Birth of PT3

In my 3 and a half years of Uni life till date, this semester is the first time ever, my Head of Dept implemented PT3! We used to hav PT1, PT2 n Mock but not PT3! Probably this is due to the high absence rate of student in those tests. PT3 is aimed at those student who were absent for both PT1 n PT2, or both their marks for PT1 n PT2 were below 30. I personally think that the whole thing is absolutely useless, reason being, they only inform the student about it 1 week b4 the test, oh to be exact, 4days b4.

Yes, student should be studying consistently. But tradition will tell us that the next test would be Mock, which is 3 weeks away from now, and it's human nature to focus more when the important dates are near. What can the student do in these 3 or 4 days? prepare like 50% of the scope? or less than that? It simply defeat the purpose of having it. If only they inform earlier.

Well thank god i don't fall into any of the categories mentioned above. So i don't need to attend PT3 =) Was so tempted to skip P7 PT2 the other day due to lack of preparation, but luckily i went. Or else i don't know how am i suppose to sit for it since i'm currenly super duper busy with my OBU project! Charts drawing is crap, i dont know how to use Excel! lol will continue to explore tomorrow!

My mentor set deadline for me on the 6th of Oct. Wondered is it because she knew my birthday is on the 7th? Haha anyway i'm quite glad with i can absolutely go on celebration without the worries of meeting deadline by then...


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