Saturday, November 6, 2010


P5 revision started today. It will last for 3 days, which means it ends on Monday. And hopefully that would mark the end of my ACCA study life. At last i met my mentor today, and passed up my work to her during the break that Mr.Mike gave to us around 11. Seeing her after approximately 1 year, was kinda nervous initially, but there really wasnt anything to be afraid of. Well, after spending months on the project, and facing computer most of the time, i find myself more difficult to concentrate well on the books. Whenever i face the books for bout an hour (or less), i will get so lazy and ended up doing something else. So fail.....

I don't wanna follow the path of some of them who failed their one last paper, and needed to spend another 6 months in college. No way man.. Luck, pls be with me! And of course, i need persistence and determination more than luck to be honest. Zzz P7 revision was a wake up call, realised i'm totally unprepared. If well prepared is 100%, i'm probably at the 20% stage. Yes, it's that bad. Come to think of it, exam's in a month's time. Crazy. FOCUS GIRL !