Thursday, January 14, 2010

My thoughtS

I see people coming up from Fundamental level, currently doing P1 n P2 only. Sounds like so relaxed, two subjects, but it's not, it is simply not true at all! Though now she is revising F7 syllabus, i feel one should not play a fool in the class but to get serious from the start. I've been thru it..I was once at your position. I was once thinking the same way like you do. To be frank, I been dreaming in her class last sem, before the results come up coz i thought i wouldnt hav sailed thru F7. But once i got to know that i passed, i tried my level best to catch up, to follow her pace in the class, unfortunately it was not possible anymore. Whatever advice she gives in class, you must really really listen to her, she been teaching this sub for so long, no one knows the subject and the attitude of student towards the subject that will result in them failing better than her!! Don't do things she asks you not to do. Else you'll be like me. Start revising every day after you attend her class!! And not throwing the file aside once u reach home and sit in front of the computer playing games, for god's sake!!!!

I'm writing this because i really really do not agree with your attitude! And what kind of friend one mixes with will determine one's so called studies destiny.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lulu me

Okay now, im gonna tell u guys wats with the title above.

Few days ago i was in CeeCee's house. After dinner, i suddenly felt like drinking coffee! ahh so i grabbed one stick of the Old Town 3in1 Coffee on his dining table which his mom said nice. It tastes like heaven to me that moment, probably coz i really felt like drinking so much so that i broke my principle, that is- no coffee after dinner!

The next day, i went to Jusco to get myself a packet of this 3in1 Coffee. I rmbred the packaging of the one i drank was abit greenish. So i just simply grab one packet from the rack which was green without paying much attention. Yup u're right, i bought the wrong one.

The one i bought. Told you, GREEN!

The one i was supposed to buy. Vanilla colour labelled with green somewhere in the middle. I wanted natural cane sugar but i got myself hazelnut instead @@"

Bastard. Why must they use green for two different flavour rite, it's not like theres no any other colour in the world. Haha just kidding. It's my prob, i see abit of green and assume it's green. I should hav take a look anyway. Theres quite a significant difference i have to admit. @@"

I don't even know why am i posting this up. I just feel so stupid. Well, it's true that I'm Lulu.