Friday, November 16, 2012


Currently on one week's leave! Thanks to Deepavali and Awal Muharram which fall on the same week, which allows me to be on one week's leave by only applying for 3 days' leave. :) Back to my hometown, Kuantan and to enjoy being the Tang's Princess. As usual, mom will be cooking all her 拿手 dishes when i'm back. Yesterday, she cooked curry chicken!
Totally yummylicious!! In order to make myself look younger, i decided to go for a hair-cut. TADAAA >>>
Cute much?? =p
I'm 18 again XDDD And at nite, i went to the beach, Teluk Cempedak last nite! With the sis and Monkey (sis's bf). Hmmmm. Headed to our favourite ice shop 新潮饮品店 and ordered these:- #1 Sis's Famous 文头雪 which originated from Singapore i suppose? RM2.80/bowl
#2 Mine - ABC Special. With chocolate flavoured ice cream specially requested. RM3/bowl
#3 Monkey's - 西米露 "West Milo" RM2.80/bowl
Owh and we ordered keropok lekor from a malay stall too. Love it!
Operation hours of the stall: Daily, 5pm onwards. Another must-visit restaurant in Kuantan would be 妙记面粉糕专卖店. In case some of you don't get it, mian fen gao is actually pan mee as commonly used in KL/PJ.
Slurpppps! Paid a visit to a new cafe near my house as well, situated beside Hai Tian Seafood Restaurant. Introducing to you, Your Place Cafe! :)
A good place to chill, seriously. But one thing weird is that it is within residential area, which is rare at times. Me and sis shared a piece of Double Chocolate cake, reasonably priced at RM5.
Monkey's chocolate cheese cake.
Lion sis. Wakakakakaka.
贪吃 me :p
Me & my Mocha blended. RM4.xx only. Worth!
Silly sis! LOL
Finally, a pic of me and sis! :)
This week, gonna enjoy myself to the max and rest as much as possible before going back to work once again, before next PEAK starts. OH NO!!!! Till then!

Friday, September 21, 2012


Ever since I joined this firm, every single day listen to ppl ranting. Almost every month there were ppl resigning except for the few months before bonus payout. What is the root of this? Or is it normal?

One of the best friends in office resigned, and tomorrow will be her last day. So sad, yet happy for her. Strengths and courage is required in order to make the firm decision. Sigh..
All the best, Kel. :)